Biogen Idec restructures development deal; Proteonomics launches new subsidiary;

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> Biogen Idec has restructured its deal with Swedish Orphan Biovitrum, taking full responsibility for developing a new hemophilia therapy. Story

> Proteonomix has formed a wholly-owned subsidiary dubbed StromaCel. The mission of StromaCel is to develop therapies using stromal cells--key components of tissues that provide cytokines and growth factors as well as the cellular microenvironment for normal homeostasis. Proteonomix release

> Despite two earlier rejections the Dutch biotech Pharming says that it is confident that it will get EMA approval this year for Rhucin. Pharming execs also say that they expect to ink commercial pacts in the first half of this year. Story

> Talecris has won approval to sell Prolastin-C-a more concentrated version of Prolastin--in Canada. Story

> Paladin Labs agreed to pay up to $2 million to Isotechnika Pharma in return for a full share of future net profits from the Isodiagnostika line of diagnostic products. Paladin release

Pharma News

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> > The compensation makeover has made its way to Johnson & Johnson. The company is freezing some employee salaries and lowering the maximum performance bonuses for 38 percent of its workforce, the Wall Street Journal reports. J&J report

> FDA is keeping close watch on OTC drugs as well as prescription meds. The agency has ordered Novartis to rename and relabel one of its Maalox products, saying that the use of the Maalox name on meds with different active ingredients creates a health hazard. Report

> GlaxoSmithKline goes to German court next week to defend its asthma drug Advair, whose patent is under seige not only in Germany but other countries as well. Article

> More details are emerging about the final round of bidding for the German generics maker Ratiopharm. Apparently, the Icelandic drugmaker Actavis has the current high bid, and it's hooking up with Deutsche Bank--its largest creditor--to finance a potential deal. Report

Pharma Manufacturing News

> The current limitations of vaccine-manufacturing technology are among the biggest lessons learned from the 2009 H1N1 flu, says Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. Report

> Add three more drugs whose commercial availability is contingent on a risk evaluation and mitigation strategy: Aranesp, Epogen and Procrit. Article

Vaccines News

> After a detailed analysis of 75 scientific studies, a group of researchers at the Cochrane Library has concluded that there's little hard evidence to prove that the annual flu vaccination campaign for the elderly does any good. Story

> The venture arm of Novartis has joined a group of investors channeling $13.6 million in fresh funds for Immune Targeting Systems, which is hard at work on an experimental universal flu vaccine. Report

And Finally... In a high profile effort to make sure that developing nations get to participate in the personalized medicine revolution, the genomes of Archbishop Desmond Tutu and a Namibian Bushman have been sequenced. Up to now, virtually all the sequencing has involved Europeans and people of European descent. Article