BioAlliance Pharma announces the grant of its European acyclovir Lauriad® patent

BioAlliance Pharma announces the grant of its European acyclovir Lauriad® patent

Paris, September 7th, 2010 - BioAlliance Pharma SA (Euronext Paris - BIO), a company dedicated to the supportive care and treatment of cancer patients, today announced the grant of a European patent protecting its product acyclovir Lauriad®. This patent is now validated in all European countries; this first patent validation is a major step and the procedures up to the grant are ongoing in the other major global areas, America and Asia.

This patent specifically protects the muco-adhesive tablet containing acyclovir, its process for manufacturing and its clinical application.

«Acyclovir Lauriad® enables a treatment of recurrent herpes labialis on the basis of one tablet application as soon as the first signs of infection appear. We are now looking for the adequate commercial partner for this innovation in the herpes labialis market. The agreement of the European and US Health Authorities, obtained this summer, to plan a registration dossier submission in 2011, together with the progress of our patents are obviously key steps in this process», stated Dominique Costantini, CEO of BioAlliance Pharma.

Intellectual Property constitutes a key asset of the Company and is at the heart of its R&D projects. BioAlliance's patent portfolio now comprises 34 families of published patents, including 358 patent applications and patents related to innovative technologies or products. Granted patents account for nearly 70% of this portfolio and provide BioAlliance Pharma's products with long term protection.

About BioAlliance Pharma Dedicated to cancer and supportive care - cancer related pathologies, chemotherapy and radiotherapy-induced complications and opportunistic infections in immunocompromised patients - BioAlliance conceives and develops innovative products, especially in the hospital setting and for orphan or rare diseases. Created in 1997 and introduced to the Euronext Paris market in 2005, BioAlliance Pharma's ambition is to become a leading player in these fields by coupling innovation to patient needs. The company's teams have the key competencies required to identify, develop and register drugs in Europe and the USA; the products' commercialization rights are licensed to international commercial partners invested in the hospital setting. In areas where medical needs are insufficiently met, its targeted approaches help overcome drug resistance and improve patient health & quality of life. 2