Bayer's Nexavar flunks a new test in liver cancer study; Vital Therapies regroups around new IPO;

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> Bayer and Onyx Pharmaceuticals' ($ONXX) Nexavar has seen a lot of success as a liver-cancer treatment, topping market threats from the likes of Bristol-Myers Squibb and Pfizer in head-to-head trials on its way to blockbuster status. But as an adjuvant therapy for liver cancer? It could be awhile--if ever. Tuesday, the drug missed its target in a Phase III trial, failing to meet the study's main goal of improving recurrence-free survival. Story

> Vital Therapies is taking a fresh stab at an IPO. The biotech pulled back from its last attempt to come up with about $75 million. The new S-1 does not include specific terms. Story

> Japan's RIKEN research institute is considering retracting two high profile stem cell studies published in January, with the lead scientist saying he was no longer sure about the data. Report

Medical Device News

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> Roche and Bayer expand their companion Dx partnership into multiple projects. Article

> TriVascular envisions a $100M IPO to propel AAA stent graft rollout. News

Pharma News

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> Bayer's Nexavar falls short in new liver cancer trial. Story

> Pharma wins battle against proposed Medicare reimbursement changes. More

Biotech Research News

> University of Notre Dame team IDs new class of antibiotics. Article

> Stem cell therapy improves Parkinson's symptoms in monkeys. Story

> NIH faces flat funds in president's 2015 budget proposal. News

> Seattle BioMed receives $10M NIAID grant to lead AIDS vaccine effort. News

> Antipsychotic drugs may have another use: Treating deadly brain tumors. Story

> OHSU opens new stem cell research center. Brief

Pharma Manufacturing News

> BMS joins Merck with plans to whack plants in Ireland. News

> Global rise in pain drug use puts the hurt on Tasmania's poppy production. Story

> Source: Ranbaxy shops for Nexium API to salvage lucrative launch. Article

> Ranbaxy recalls generic Lipitor after druggist finds 20-mg dose in 10-mg bottle. News

> Pfizer recalls bottles of antidepressant that might have a heart drug mixed in. Story

> Pfizer is expanding its plant in Indonesia--again. Brief