Award-Winning Scientist Dr. Susan M. Dallabrida Promoted to Vice President of Clinical Science and Consulting of PHT Corporation

BOSTON & GENEVA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--PHT Corporation announced the promotion of Dr. Susan M. Dallabrida to Vice President of Clinical Science and Consulting Services. PHT is the leading provider of technologies used to collect patient-driven eData for clinical research.

Susan's leadership and guidance continue to raise global awareness of PHT's vision and reputation for scientific results and better outcomes.

Watch this video and learn more about the PHT Clinical Science and Consulting Team

PHT President and CEO Philip Lee said, "Susan is a prominent leader and scientist dedicated to increasing industry education and awareness of the advantages that electronic clinical outcome assessment systems provide to research teams, sponsors, and regulators. She has helped clients to better leverage their investment in eCOA by providing evidence, data analysis and creative solutions that have resulted in better study designs."

Under Susan's leadership the Clinical Science and Consulting Team is focused on three key areas: discovery and innovation, rolling out new products targeted at improved health care in key therapeutic areas including cardiovascular disease, and quantitative research to support a more patient-centric approach. This research will streamline eCOA collection and use, and as such, facilitate the determination of whether a new drug or therapy has a measureable clinical benefit.

Susan explained, "As a scientist, my goal is to conduct research and provide evidence that demonstrates the best and most effective paths for our clients to collect the highest quality data. The PHT Clinical Science team is leading initiatives that will interrogate the optimization of administration modes, drive the development and selection of instruments, comprehensively vet patient device usability and preference, elicit the best possible question/response option infrastructure, and determine the most successful way to extend the patient/health care provider communication axis. All of these research efforts are being conducted in parallel for the ultimate goal of accelerating the development and launch of effective and safe therapies and the incorporation of ePRO into clinical care to improve health care and quality of life for patients around the world."

PHT is generating data to determine strategies for maximizing patient compliance within clinical trials and clinical care. Susan added, "This will enable ePRO to be used at home effectively in settings for both chronic and acute care. Use of this patient-centric approach is designed to innovate and improve patient education of health choices, medication adherence, patient/physician communication and elaboration of changes in disease state, and effect better clinical care through real-time monitoring and use of mobile health."

Susan has over 21 years of experience as a senior scientist, consultant and director in clinical research and development, trial design and strategy, and product development. She is focused on instrument development and validation efforts for ePRO/PRO, including the establishment of conceptual equivalence and psychometric validation of new instruments. Susan interacts with regulatory agencies such as the FDA to provide support for the development and use of PRO‐based labeling claims. She is expert in ePRO/PRO design and implementation for clinical trials and conducts observational clinical studies to optimize ePRO/PRO data quality and capture. Susan presents educational webinars, lectures and workshops on effective eCOA/ePRO design and use in clinical trials.

Susan has led cross‐functional drug discovery and product development teams and collaborations in a wide range of therapeutic areas including oncology, cardiovascular disease, hemophilia, dermatology, obesity, and vascular disorders. Susan has significant regulatory experience in the US and internationally for biologics and small molecules. She has a broad background in scientific presentations and writing with 20 publications, 14 grants, 3 patents, 18 awards, 35 conference presentations, and 29 abstracts to her credit.

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