Avandia risks exposed under deal to post data

GlaxoSmithKline's current woes over a new study linking Avandia to increased cardiac risks among diabetes patients can be attributed to the push for more public disclosure of trial data. Glaxo's settlement agreement three years ago with the state of New York included its agreement to publicly disclose more of its data. And Cleveland Clinic's Dr. Steve Nissen says one of the studies the pharma giant posted included a "treasure trove" of data on Avandia. The controversy over the drug is likely to spur Congress to focus closely on proposed legislation that would require drug developers to post data publicly. Glaxo already knows the cost; its stock slid 8 percent on the study Nissen conducted.

- here's the report on Avandia from The New York Times

ALSO: Public Citizen claims that U.S. regulators were aware of Avandia heart risks five years ago. Report

PLUS: Swiss regulators have approved Glaxo's breast cancer therapy Tykerb. Report

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