Auxilium prices Xiaflex; Novavax gets delisting notice;

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> Fresh on the heels of an FDA approval for Xiaflex, Auxilium says it will price its new therapy for Dupuytren's contracture at $3,250 per vial. Story

> Merck has unveiled detailed late-stage data on its failed HIV therapy vicriviroc.  Report

> The FDA is defending its decision to go ahead and prove the new diabetes drug Victoza last January despite evidence of a possible cancer link. Story

>  The FDA will provide a priority review of Novartis' cancer drug Tasigna. Story

> Novavax's decision to appoint Stan Erck as its new executive chairman prompted a delisting warning from Nasdaq for violating its rules for independent board members. Erck gets a $300,000 annual salary with the new position. Story

> United Therapeutics has pulled its application to market Tyvaso--an inhaled therapy for pulmonary arterial hypertension-in Europe after regulators found that two of its clinical trial sites were noncompliant with the agency's standards. The therapy was approved in the U.S. last fall. Story

> The former managing director of Australia's Agenix was sentenced to nine years in jail after being found guilty of stealing moiré than $5 million from the company. Report

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> Looking for a marketing opportunity? Here you go: More than a quarter of new prescriptions go unfilled. Article

> Roche's blockbuster cancer med Rituxan just got a chance to grow even more. The FDA approved the drug for marketing as a first-line chronic lymphocytic leukemia treatment, and also for CLL patients who haven't responded to other drugs. Report

> Sepracor is losing its top executive but not its name in an overhaul following its acquisition by Japan's Dainippon Sumitomo Pharma. Article

> The healthcare reform debate is heating up again as that bipartisan summit meeting of President Obama's nears. Article

> Yesterday we talked about Advair's potential generic adversaries. Now, the GlaxoSmithKline asthma drug--and its sister meds--have a new problem. The FDA is adding new warnings to their product labels intended to sharply limit their use. Report

And Finally... The FDA has made it official: Ear candles used to treat a variety of conditions should not be used. Regulators say that taking a burning fabric tube soaked in a flammable material and sticking it in your ear is a great way to get burned--in more ways than one. Release