Ariad and Merck tie $1B knot over cancer therapy

Another day, another billion-dollar development pact. This time it's Ariad and Merck (again), inking a deal worth up to 10 figures for the AP23573 mTOR inhibitor for cancer. AP23573 is scheduled to begin a late-stage study for metastatic sarcomas. The therapy is designed to starve tumors by interfering with cell growth, division and metabolism. The FDA has put the therapy on its fast track. Ariad pockets $75 million up front with $452 million in development milestones and up to $200 million for achieving certain sales goals. Merck is also kicking in $200 million for global development work and another $200 million in repayable advances as the two companies roll out a series of studies for multiple cancer indications.

- see the announcement on the deal
- check out the AP report

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