Antisoma starts licensing spree with cancer deal

Bankrolled by a $125 million licensing deal with Novartis, the UK's Antisoma has turned around and used part of its cache of cash to license AMPK activators for use in cancer treatments from Sweden's Betagenon. The activators trigger enzymes that have demonstrated an ability in vitro to thwart cancer cell proliferation.

Antisoma appears to be just getting started in a new licensing spree. CEO Glyn Edwards told reporters that the company plans more deals. And he adds that the company's cash rich position is making it possible to strike particularly favorable deals at a time other companies are finding it tougher to raise funds.

"Betagenon's AMPK activators are another promising addition to our preclinical oncology portfolio," says Edwards. "They fit with our strategy of acquiring a diverse range of novel and class-leading preclinical compounds with potential to add value to our clinical pipeline in the future."

- check out the press release

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