ANTAEA Medical Services Ltd and MedSciNet AB joined forces in Strategic Alliance

ANTAEA Medical Services Ltd, regional CRO headquartered in Athens, Greece, and MedSciNet AB headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, joined forces in Strategic Alliance in October 2014. This collaboration aims to address the ever increasing needs of Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology companies to maximise cost-effectiveness of drug development as well as provide high-tech solutions to hospitals and other health care stakeholders. Founded in 1998, ANTAEA Group of Companies is one of the leading regional CROs providing professional, high quality, flexible advanced solutions, supporting Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology companies to maximise their research capabilities via cost-effective outsourcing. ANTAEA is dedicated to provide services presenting scientific quality, management expertise and leading-edge technology. Founded in 1995 by two Professors of the prestigious Karolinska Institute in Sweden, MedSciNet AB specialises in the design and development of web applications and online database systems for clinical trials, national registries, medical bio-banks, and other solutions within the medical field. While ANTAEA will support MedSciNet AB with its market development strategies in Southeast Europe, North Africa, Middle East and the Gulf Area, MedSciNet AB will provide world class IT solutions and technical expertise to ANTAEA and its customers. Both companies agreed on co-development of models that will maximise effectiveness and efficacy of clinical trials as well as reduce the costs for clients. ANTAEA and MedSciNet AB strongly believe that the interests of both businesses are best served by their joint synergies and collaboration in the global market place. For more information on MedSciNet AB and its subsidiaries please see the following link For more information on the ANTAEA Group of Companies please see the following link Professor Magnus Westgren, Chairman of the Board and 50% owner of MedSciNet, comments the agreement: “We are looking forward to this joint project with great potentials for the future of both companies.” “As a CRO strongly believing in added value of advanced technologies in early decision-making as well as shortening time-to-market in drug development, we welcome this Strategic Alliance as a major step in service improvement for the clients of both our companies”, says John Roussos, MSc MedPhys, CEO and 50% owner of ANTAEA Medical Services.

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