ALSO NOTED: Novartis buys bigger stake in Alnylam; FDA chastises ZymoGenetics' marketing campaign;and much more...

> Novartis has scooped up a bigger share of Alnylam stock. The pharma giant now owns 13.3 percent of the company. Alnylam release

> Curious how the FDA might spend its PDUFA fees? A new five-year plan shows that FDA will plow the money into post-marketing safety to meet its commitments under the new law passed last fall. FDA report

> The FDA has chastised ZymoGenetics' maiden effort to commercialize a therapy, saying that its claims for a genetically engineered form of Thrombin are "false or misleading." ZymoGenetics' marketing material notes that the drug has a lower level of antibody formation compared to a competitor, creating the impression that bovine thrombin's antibodies are less safe. Story

> Genzyme has expressed an interest in setting up an Israeli biotech incubator. Report

> Proteome Sciences said it has won a grant of €571,000 to study the proteomics end of a new generation of in-vitro assays. Report

> Did GlaxoSmithKline try to monopolize the Wellbutrin market? A lawsuit now certified as class-action says so. GSK report

> Will today's Congressional hearing on drug ads lead to new legislation? That's what Michigan Democrat--and vocal pharma critic--Bart Stupak hopes. DTC report

> New CEOs often clean house. Biovail's Bill Wells looks like he's trying to gut and rebuild it. The company announced it would shutter two plants in Puerto Rico as it shifts focus to specialize in central nervous system meds, "a market where unmet medical needs and growth potential are high," Wells said. Biovail report

> Merck's layoffs have inspired one newly unemployed poet to write in verse. Report

And Finally… Vaccine experts are pondering just how long vaccines will be able to provide immunity in a world where some diseases are all but eliminated and natural exposure to many common viruses has ended. Vaccine report