ALSO NOTED: NicOx earns milestone payment; Major pharma company heading to Ohio?; and much more...

> The FDA has given Pfizer and NicOx the go-ahead to begin human testing of its glaucoma treatment candidate, PF-03187207. As part of its agreement with Pfizer, NicOx will a $1.3 million milestone payment. Release

> In a speech, Ohio's Governor Ted Strickland announced that an unnamed pharmaceutical company may be making a $400 million investment the state. Article

> The AARP has stepped into the fight over biologic drugs, throwing its support behind a new bill designed to speed the development and approval of generic versions of these medications. Report

> Research institutions are lining up to protest stalled federal funding for biomedical research. Dr. Edward D. Miller, the head of Johns Hopkins Medical, issued a stern warning to lawmakers that a failure to bump federal research funding at the National Institutes of Health could force a frustrating halt to important research. Report

> A research team at Scripps Research Institute has discovered a simpler, less expensive method for producing synthetic versions of naturally-occurring compounds. By making it possible to produce these compounds less expensively, they say that a number of new drugs could be much more feasible to make. Report

And Finally... Blueberry pigment has been linked to lower rate of colon cancer. Report