ALSO NOTED: FDA mulls "behind-the-counter" status; Hyperion makes management changes; and much more...

> Once, the gap between prescription drugs and over-the-counter sales was a wide No Man's Land where few products roamed. Now, the FDA may settle more medications in this country, known as behind-the-counter (BTC) sales, in part to improve access for the uninsured. Report

> Hyperion Therapeutics has made senior management appointments and closed up to $15 million in debt financing from Comerica Bank and Life Sciences Capital. Release

> Hollis-Eden has reported preclinical data for HE3235, a cancer treatment. Release

> One more strike against diabetes drugs: Australia's regulators are warning that the class of drugs including Avandia and Actos may boost the risk of bone fractures in older women. Report

> There has been a deluge of Gardasil/Cervarix news in the last few weeks as GSK and Merck fight for ascendancy in the multi-billion dollar market. Report

And Finally... University of Cincinnati researchers believe identifying a genetic "fingerprint" could help predict which specific therapies will be most effective for patients with gastric cancer. Release