ALSO NOTED: Ardana meets with potential suitors;Feds go back to basics with AIDS vax research; and much more...

> Ardana has provided an update on it's proposed sale or merger. The company says that it's met with a "significant number of interested parties," and that there is interest among it suitors regarding licensing opportunities for Ardana's products. Release

> About 1,200 Wyeth got pink slips on Wednesday, their jobs eliminated in the drugmaker's previously announced restructuring. Report

> Germany's Stada Arzneimittel says it's checking out potential takeover targets, looking to continue its recent series of acquisitions. Report

> After trying and failing repeatedly to develop an AIDS vaccine, federal officials say they're going back to the drawing board to come up with some new ideas. Report

> Looking for hard evidence that the FDA is tightening approval standards? Here it is. The agency today proposed tougher clinical trial guidelines for drug-coated stents. Report

> It was a busy day yesterday for FDA safety reviews, with a trifecta of announcements raising questions about drugs for everything from allergies to HIV. Report

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And Finally... Dr. Andrew Wakefield and two colleagues began their defense against charges that they violated ethics guidelines in the U.K. while developing a 1998 paper that linked autism to vaccines. That study raised a hue and cry around the world that has yet to completely die down, even after a raft of studies now conclude that there is no link. Report