Akzo Nobel starts work on avian flu vaccine

Dutch drug developer Akzo Nobel has begun developing a human vaccine for the H5N1 avian flu virus. The company's veterinarian unit already makes a vaccine to protect animals from the virus. The vaccine is still in an early stage, though. Human trials are expected to begin next year.

- read this AFX report for more

ALSO: Roche said it is expanding production of Tamiflu and is ready to engage in talks with any governments or other manufacturers interested in expanding supplies of the antiviral drug. Report

PLUS: Greek officials have confirmed that bird flu has arrived in their country and are testing to see if it is the same H5N1 strain that has now infected birds in Romania and Turkey as it moves westward. Article

FINALLY: British flu experts say that the chances of a pandemic breaking out increase as the virus spreads in bird populations around the world. Report

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