After being pushed out of his FDA role, Califf becomes chair of new research group

Robert Califf's new role comes after Donald Trump picked Scott Gottlieb to run the FDA.

Former FDA commissioner Robert Califf, who was not asked back into his role by President Donald Trump, has become the new chair of the newly formed People-Centered Research Foundation (PCRF).

Califf, who will likely be replaced by Trump pick Scott Gottlieb as the new commish, has wasted little time in finding a new role, becoming chair of a newly incorporated nonprofit called the People-Centered Research Foundation.  

PCRF was formed by a group of investigators within PCORnet, itself developed with funding support from PCORI, the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute.

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In statement to FierceBiotech, PCORI confirmed Califf’s new role at the new group. The group says PCORnet itself was set up to address what it sees as an urgent national need: Enhancing the ability to conduct patient-centered outcomes research faster, more efficiently, and at a lower cost than is possible today by using health data and patient partnerships.

Its new project, PCRF, was formed by investigators “as a means of pursuing long-term sustainability of PCORnet,” it tells me.

“PCRF will work in parallel and in collaboration with PCORnet and its participating networks, which will continue to receive infrastructure funding from PCORI through contracts that began in 2015.”

In a letter about the new group, Califf writes: “PCRF can respond more effectively and efficiently to the research needs of a variety of research funders and sponsors. PCRF will integrate people into all phases of research and the learning health system. Patients, participants, patient advocates, and caregivers will constitute a meaningful percentage of our board; be involved in leadership roles in all committees; and participate in the development and execution of the research.

“PCRF will partner with all stakeholders in the clinical research enterprise to prioritize, design and conduct research, including patients, clinicians, health system leaders, representatives from the life sciences industry, patient advocacy groups, clinician professional organizations, and the government.”