Advanced Cancer Therapeutics licenses vaccine IP; Investors re-discover biotech;

> Big Pharma inundated the market with earnings reports the last two days, for the most part surpassing analyst expectations. But the reports buried some of the biggest news: That Bristol-Myers Squibb is plotting a major add-on to its $1.5 billion restructuring. Earnings report

> Advanced Cancer Therapeutics has in-licensed research work from the University of Kentucky on a new HPV vaccine. And it has in-licensed a process from Kentucky BioProcessing to make the vaccine in tobacco plants. Report

> Spain's Cellerix is reportedly in talks with a variety of pharma companies that could lead to its acquisition. Report

> France's NicOx is touting new data from a 52-week open label trial of its osteoarthritis drug naproxcinod demonstrating good overall safety. Report

> Alexandria Real Estate Equities' plan to develop a $1 billion biotech park in Cambridge, MA has spurred some intense opposition from their would-be neighbors. Report

> Last week, amid all the brouhaha over the did-Ranbaxy-sell-substandard-meds probe, we reported that Congress had launched an investigation of its own--into just how the FDA handled those allegations once it found out about them. Now it appears the agency knew about the accusations for 18 months. Report

> A new study offers pharma reps a welcome respite: More than three-fourths of doctors say they're willing to see reps any time of day, and only one-fourth require an appointment. Report

> Personalized medicine, here we come. The FDA is advising docs to screen HIV patients for a particular genetic variant before prescribing GSK's HIV drug abacavir. Report

> Dynavax Technologies and Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics are teaming up on an effort to develop a new universal flu vaccine. Novartis Vaccines, which includes the old Chiron ops it bought out, will provide a trivalent flu vaccine to Dynavax for use in the universal vaccine in exchange for an exclusive option to negotiate a licensing deal. Report

And Finally... Biotech stocks have been in the dog house for some time now, but analysts say that investors are suddenly perking up about the sector's prospects. Article