Advance Your Oncology Research with the Dual Expertise of Charles River and Metabolon

Advance Your Oncology Research with the Dual Expertise of Charles River and Metabolon

March 12, 2012 - Charles River Discovery Services is partnering with Metabolon to better meet your oncology research needs. Through this collaboration, Charles River's preclinical oncology study expertise can be leveraged with Metabolon's in-depth analysis of metabolic data to identify both mechanism of action and biomarkers. 
Metabolon offers a unique, consultative collaboration centered on a Metabolomic and biochemical interrogation of an experimental system. Their customized Metabolomics platform allows quick validation of ideas and biomarker identification of mechanism of action.

Working together, Charles River and Metabolon can provide:

•         MOA: elucidation, identification, characterization, and validation of drug target candidates
•         Expertise in preclinical studies using validated in vitro and in vivo models
•         PK/PD, tumor growth delay, tumor growth inhibition, survival, combination and adjuvant study designs
•         Assessment of lead chemistries, lead ID, optimal dose, optimal combinations, sensitivity/resistance patterns, and  new indications for existing compounds
•         Development of biomarkers for preclinical PD, patient stratification/selection, translational models and efficacy

This new partnership will officially be announced at the upcoming American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Meeting. To learn more about how this new collaboration can help with your oncology research needs, please visit us in booth #3323 at AACR or contact us at [email protected]

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