Adimab adds MD Anderson, MSK to its roster of partners; Google names its life sciences biz;

@FierceBiotech: Busy Roche inks another immuno-oncology discovery pact, this time with Pieris. News | Follow @FierceBiotech

@JohnCFierce: In the category of 'can't make this stuff up,' $NWBO issued a followup statement saying why Leary wouldn't work. More | Follow @JohnCFierce

> Adimab signed a pair of collaborations with the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center and the other with Memorial Sloan Kettering, lending its antibody-discovery platform to the oncology institutions as they work to develop new therapies. More

> At the American Society for Hematology meeting, CAR-T immunotherapies struggled to replicate their leukemia success in other types of cancer. News

> Google's ($GOOG) life sciences division has given itself a name, moving forward as Verily. Story

> Galena Biopharma ($GALE) settled stock-pumping allegations for $20 million. Item

Medical Device News

@FierceMedDev: ICYMI yesterday: AstraZeneca, NCI tap French company to develop companion mobile app for cancer drugs. Article | Follow @FierceMedDev

@EmilyWFierce: Google Life Sciences will now be known as "Verily." More | Follow @EmilyWFierce

> FDA gives nod for mini-sponge, gunshot wound dressing device for civilians. Story

> Upstart wins CE mark for first swallowable weight-loss gastric balloon. Article

Pharma News

@FiercePharma: Japan's Kaketsuken at center of major vaccine, blood product records fraud. FiercePharmaAsia story | Follow @FiercePharma

@CarlyHFierce: J&J, AbbVie's Imbruvica builds on case for first-line CLL use at ASH. More | Follow @CarlyHFierce

> Beleaguered Daiichi Sankyo shuttering German antibody business. News

> Valeant weighs Paragon sale to get out of FTC spotlight. Story

Drug Delivery News

> 'Smart' hydrogel wound dressing delivers drugs from reservoirs. News

> FDA funds computer simulations in bid to speed up development of long-acting generics. Story

> Clearside closes $20M round for candidates that are injected into the eye's suprachoroidal space. More

> University of Warwick spinout develops first transdermal ibuprofen pain patch. Report

> Metal 'nano-terminator' liquefies on demand to bring cancer down. Article

Pharma Manufacturing News

> FDA gives Sun Pharma go-ahead to manufacture generic version of cancer drug Gleevec. Item

> Associated Press: Taxpayers' tally to entice Novo Nordisk to NC may top $130M. More

> South African health activists protest Sanofi over lack of BCG vaccine. Article

> Catalent production issues at French plant cause delay in GSK launch. Story

> AstraZeneca shuttering Bengaluru, India API plant, citing low demand. Report

Pharma Asia News

> China economy not the main culprit in pharma slowdown, FT says. Article

> Outlook for early 2016 in Asia sees headwinds for Japan, India and Thailand. Report

> Japan's Kaketsuken at center of major vaccine, blood product records fraud. More

> China superbug has already gone global, Danish researcher says. Story

> India a potential center for orphan drug development and demand. Article