ADial Pharmaceuticals' Chairman, Bankole A. Johnson, Accepts Position at the University of Maryland School of Medicine

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va., Aug. 21, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ADial Pharmaceuticals, LLC (ADial) announced today that Professor Bankole A. Johnson, D.Sc., M.D., the scientific founder and Chairman of ADial, has accepted a position as the Chair of the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. In addition to becoming the department chair, he will also lead the new Brain Science Research Consortium Unit at the University of Maryland.

"This is a very prestigious appointment that will provide Prof. Johnson with a strong platform for advancing basic and translational research in the neurosciences, including in addiction medicine," said William Stilley, CEO of ADial.

The University of Maryland also announced Prof. Johnson's appointment. A link to the University of Maryland press release can be found at the following link:

About Dr. Bankole Johnson

Professor Bankole Johnson is a leading neuroscientist and clinician specializing in addictive disorders. He has pioneered investigation in the personalized treatment of alcohol addiction and is the holder of patents related to this research. The recipient of many awards, including the Jack Mendelson Award form the NIH in 2013, Prof. Johnson, trained at Glasgow, London, and Oxford Universities. A practicing physician, psychiatrist and researcher for more than 25 years, Prof. Johnson has transformed our understanding of how abnormalities in the brain can promote addiction.

About ADial Pharmaceuticals, LLC

ADial Pharmaceuticals is a privately held pharmaceutical company developing medications for treating addiction diseases and disorders, including alcohol and drug addictions (cocaine, opioids, methamphetamines), as well as other addiction-like behaviors such as those related to obesity and eating disorders. The company's most advanced compound, AD04, specifically targets alcohol use disorder (previously called alcohol abuse and dependence) in patients with selected genotypes. For more information about ADial Pharmaceuticals, please visit

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