Actelion touts mid-stage PAH data; Icahn doubles down on Genzyme bet;

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> Actelion reports that a small mid-stage study of its pulmonary arterial hypertension drug selexipag produced promising results. Researchers said that the drug produced a statistically significant reduction in pulmonary vascular resistance compared with a placebo. Story

> Carl Icahn more than doubled his stake in Genzyme, the big Boston biotech he has targeted for a makeover. Icahn now owns 10.5 million shares in Genzyme, up from 4.8 million. The Wall Street raider is offering a slate of rebel directors for the Genzyme board. Report

> Morgan Stanley biotech analyst Steven Harr is switching over to the investment banking division. Story

> Avanir Pharmaceuticals says that the FDA will make a decision on its experimental drug Zenvia by Oct. 30. Story

> Arca biopharma has struck a deal with the FDA on a special protocol assessment on the design of a clinical trial to assess the safety and efficacy of bucindolol in about 3,200 patients with chronic heart failure who have the genotype that appears to respond most favorably to bucindolol. Release

And Finally.... Fish become feisty but fearful when facing themselves in a mirror, according to two Stanford biologists. "It seems like something they don't understand," said Julie Desjardins, a post-doctoral researcher in biology. Report