Actavis CEO looking to partner on biosimilars; GSK chief Witty cites EC interest in antibiotic support;

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> Actavis CEO Claudio Albrecht tells Reuters that it's looking for a partner to develop biosimilars for emerging markets. And the company may start marketing biosimilars in countries where trials won't be required. "The generic model as we knew it is dying as we speak," Albrecht said. "You can't do it the old way." Report

> GSK's Andrew Witty tells reporters that it appears that the EC is serious about offering support for the development of new antibiotics. Pharma companies--with the exception of GSK--largely exited the field due to slim margins, leaving a dearth of new products to face a growing tide of drug-resistant super bugs. And a number of developers have been seeking additional support on both sides of the Atlantic to meet the growing health threat. Story

> Pacira says the FDA has delayed a decision on its pain drug Exparel by three months. Story

> Tampa-FL-based Accentia Biopharmaceuticals says it has inked a financing agreement for $4 million to support the development of Revimmune. Accentia release

> Humanetics says it has won a $3.5 million grant to develop a new drug that can help protect the lungs in the event of a nuclear attack. Story

> Arecor and GSK have entered into a license agreement to develop advanced formulations of vaccines combining Arecor's formulation technologies with GSK's vaccines. Arecor release

Pharma News

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> FTC goes back to Teva on Cephalon deal. Report

> GSK dealmaking: OTC buyers, China buyouts. Article

> Humira patient accuses Abbott of 'stalling' on warning. Story

> Laid-off Pfizer reps join OT lawsuit. News

Biotech Research News

> Researchers, companies quick to crack E. coli case. News

> The X-Men factor: We inherit 60 mutations from mom and dad. Item

> Three genetic perps fingered for migraine risk. Story

> Complex, spontaneous genetic mutations may be at root of autism. Report

> Scientists often use adult, embryonic stem cells in tandem. News

Manufacturing News

> FDA drives consent decree with H&P/Triad. Story

> Biogen maps way to future factory. Item

> FDA tests nano waters, reorganizes CDER. Article

> DoJ bark may be bigger than bite in Gilead probe. Story 

> Experts: Target distribution for cost savings. News 

> Polish artist uses wooden pallets in his creations. Item 

And Finally....Scientists say that the quality of one's memory has a lot to do with something called theta oscillations, which are triggered during periods of active monitoring. Release