Aastrom stem cell therapy has high success rate

In a small stem cell study involving 33 patients, researchers for Aastrom Biosciences are reporting a 91 percent success rate in repairing hard-to-heal fractures. All of the patients in the study had experienced breaks that did not heal despite the use of standard therapies. And the majority of them had healed a year after the stem cell therapy was injected at the break point.

"The positive results from this study, along with early clinical data reported from osteonecrosis patients two weeks ago, further supports the broad application of our proprietary TRC Technology in the field of orthopedics," said George Dunbar, president and CEO of Aastrom. "We believe these early successes with our technology are important for attracting an experienced orthopedics partner to commercialize our BRC product for bone regeneration."

- here's the release for more info