A San Francisco networking treat

I've just managed to squeeze two more meetings into a jam-packed three-day schedule at the J.P. Morgan confab next week. I'm now up to an even 24 meetings, plus some quality time reserved at the evening receptions to chat up a few execs on our radar at FierceBiotech.

Sleep? Who needs it.

I have been getting some help this time around from connectingSF--sign up via this link--an online networking aide EBD Group developed in partnership with FierceBiotech to help biotech executives make the most of their time in San Francisco. It's given me a chance to reconnect with several of the people I've come to know in the industry over the years. Arsalan Arif (email | twitter), FierceBiotech's publisher, is also using connectingSF to schedule meetings. You should check it out.

You can't know too many people in this business. And besides, you may have some time open up unexpectedly. 

EBD Group is back with its annual Biotech Showcase which occurs concurrently with the J.P. Morgan event. EBD is hosting its third annual Biotech Showcase at the Parc 55 Wyndham San Francisco, Union Square with three full days of presentations. - John Carroll (email | twitter)