A breakthrough has scientists eyeing personalized stem cell therapies; Sentencing day for inside biotech trader;

 @FierceBiotech:  Report: Prospect Venture dumps latest fund, won't make new biotech bets. Story | Follow @FierceBiotech

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> Scientists have used a novel cloning method to produce embryonic stem cells in unfertilized human eggs, raising hopes that personalized stem cell treatments could someday become a reality. But there's still hurdles to overcome. Article

> Metabolic Solutions Development Company said it has won a $1.1 million NIH grant to investigate the use of its drug MSDC-0602 in animal models of fatty liver disease. Item

> Zishen Fan is expected to face sentencing today in U.S. District Court after pleading guilty to securities fraud in connection to his part in buying up shares of biotech firm Seattle Genetics based on insider information about the company's cancer drug Adcetris. Report

> CoDa Therapeutics has garnered a $6 million term loan from Square 1 Bank as the company raises funds to fund development of drugs for wound care, inflammation and tissue repair. Release

> The Tennessean reports the sad story of a woman who enrolled in a clinical trial that combined a new therapy for ovarian cancer with the chemo drug Doxil, which she can no longer get due to shortages of the drug. Story

 @FiercePharma:  European spending on orphan drugs 'sustainable to 2020.' Growth expected to flatten beginning 2016. Item | Follow @FiercePharma

> Clark exits Merck Dec. 1, passing chairman title to CEO. Article

> Merck augments Januvia franchise with statin combo. Article

> Lilly's ED treatment Cialis wins prostate indication. Report

> Will Warner Chilcott score with last-minute tablet change? News

> Jury levies $20M verdict against Teva in propofol case. Story

> AstraZeneca targets U.S. ops for 400 job cuts. Report

And Finally... HHS says routine prostate cancer screenings should end because they can lead to aggressive and unnecessary treatment. Article