A Breakthrough in Cancer Therapy Through RNL BIO's Adult Stem Cell Technology

-Fat derived stem cells demonstrate cancer suppressive effect

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 9 /PRNewswire/ -- The leading biopharmaceutical company specialized in adult stem cell therapeutics, RNL BIO Co., Ltd, (Korean Stock Exchange, 003190, www.rnl.co.kr) announced on July 27th that adult stem cell was identified to have cancer suppressive activity in a preclinical study.

Since last year, RNL BIO and Professor Hwa Young Yoon, at School of Veterinary Medicine of Seoul National University jointly conducted the study for AdMSC's effect on solid tumors. A pre-clinical study was performed on experimental animal subjects with solid tumors to test the effect of stem cells. The study consisted of the experimental canine cancer models receiving stem cell infusion both intravenously and subcutaneously. When compared to the control group, the experimental group showed the reduction in cancer size as well as longer lifespan.

In addition, human stem cells were administered to a group of mice intravenously to examine the effect of stem cells on cancer. The experimental group of mice was infused with melanoma. The group of mice that were infused with human stem cells indicated the reduction in cancer size and longer lifespan.

The results of this study were announced last month at the International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR) in San Francisco and at the Korean Society for Stem Cell Research (KSSCR) of Seoul National University in November 2009. As the cultured stem cells' ability to inhibit cancer has been confirmed, there have been various published articles demonstrating anti cancer effect of adult stem cells.

RNL BIO will continue to proceed with further research on stem cell therapy to inhibit cancer. Moreover, RNL BIO plans to use autoimmune cells in addition to stem cells to enhance the immune system and find ways to destroy cancer cells.

Dr. Jeong Chan Ra, Chairman of RNL BIO states, "Stem cell treatment is available at Kyoto Bethesda Clinic, where they have a partnership with RNL BIO. As more clinical data becomes available for cancer patients, there is new hope for cancer patients worldwide."

About RNL BIO Co., Ltd.

RNL BIO is a premier biotechnology company focused on the research and development of adult derived stem cell therapies. RNL has conducted two Phase II clinical trials for Buerger's Disease as well as Osteoarthritis and one Phase I trial for spinal cord injury. RNL is a publically traded company listed in the Korean Stock Exchange (Code 003190) and is expanding its operations throughout the world including its US operation by RNL Life Science. RNL has provided stem cell banking and therapy in Japan, China and Mexico. The total number of human patients who received stem cell therapy through RNL BIO is over 7,000 as of July 2010.

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