4th Annual Personalized Medicine Conference - The Angel Investor and Venture Capital Perspective on Personalized Medicine

Arrowhead Publishers and Conferences has just announced a new panel session to take place at their 4th Annual Personalized Medicine Conference (Boston, MA, September 12-13, 2012). Participants include Philip Reilly (MD, JD, Venture Partner – Third Rock Ventures), Dr. Andrew Jay (Investment Partner Venture Capital – Siemens Venture Capital), Richard Anders (Founder & Executive Director of Mass Medical Angels) and Chairperson Keith Batchelder (MD, CEO & Founder of Genomic Healthcare Strategies). The panel will be answering the following questions: - Do you think Personalized Medicine is a field that’s ready for investment? - What kinds of Personalized Medicine companies are you seeing as part of your deal flow? - Which Personalized Medicine markets do you see happening soon? - Are there early stage investment opportunities? Arrowhead's 4th Annual Personalized Medicine Conference will tackle the issues driving, as well as restraining, the clinical delivery of personalized medicine, including coding and reimbursement, the economics of personalized medicine and medicare policy. Also speaking at this conference will be: - Bryan Loy, MD (Market Medical Officer – Humana) - Robert C. Green, MD, MPH (Associate Director for Research – Partners Center for Personalized Genetic Medicine, Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School) - Deneen Vojita, MD (Vice President – UnitedHealth Group) - Michael F. Christman, Ph.D. (President & CEO – Coriell Institute for Medical Research) - Dora Dias-Santagata, Ph.D. (Instructor of Pathology – Harvard Medical School, Co-Director – Translational Research Laboratory, Mass General) - Vincent A. Miller, MD (Senior Vice President of Clinical Development – Foundation Medicine, Consultant on Thoracic Oncology – Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center) - Michael Murray, MD (Associate Physician – Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Instructor in Medicine – Harvard Medical School) For more details on the event, speakers, and information on how to register, please visit www.personalized-medicine-conference.com

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