3Com Compatible 1000Base-ZX GBIC Transceiver for Single-Mode Fiber

Toronto, Canada – GAO Fiber Optics (www.GAOFiberOptics.com) is offering its 3Com compatible 1000Base-ZX GBIC transceiver for single-mode fiber. It is a hot-pluggable I/O device that plugs into an Ethernet GBIC port of a 3Com switch or router to link the port with the network. This hot-pluggable GBIC transceiver, model C011G104, operates at the wavelength of 1550 nm and provides up to 1.25 Gbps bi-directional data links. It features a duplex SC connector, low power dissipation and metal enclosure for lower EMI. It is fully compatible with original 3Com transceivers. This optical transceiver consists of two sections: the transmitter section incorporates an advanced DFB laser, and the receiver section contains an InGaAs/InP PIN photodiode integrated with a trans-impendence preamplifier (TIA). The transceiver provides a maximum transmission distance of up to 80 km on 9/125µm SMF. It is compliant with GBIC interface converters specifications Rev. 5.5 as well as Gigabit Ethernet standard as specified in IEEE 802.3. In addition, the optical output can be disabled by a TTL logic high-level input of Tx Disable. Tx Fault is provided to indicate degradation of the laser. Loss of signal (LOS) output is provided to indicate the loss of an input optical signal of receiver. This 3Com compatible 1000Base-ZX GBIC transceiver belongs to GAO’s family of 3Com Compatible Tranceivers. The line provides a full range of transceivers such as1000Base-LX 3Com Compatible GBIC Optical Transceiver, 3Com Compatible 1000Base-LX SFP Transceiver ,3Com Compatible 10GBase-SR XENPAK Transceiver and other similar products. GAO’s pluggable transceivers offer a convenient and cost effective solution for use in data centers, metropolitan area access and ring networks, and storage area networks. GAO’s portfolio of compatible transceivers offers a rich set of choices in terms of speeds, protocols, reaches and accepted transmission media. For sales inquiries please contact: 1-877 585-9555 ext. 601 – Toll Free (USA & Canada) 1-416 292-0038 ext. 601 – All Other Areas [email protected] About GAO Fiber Optics GAO Fiber Optics (www.GAOFiberOptics.com), a member company of GAO Group, is professionally engaged in R&D and production of fiber optical communication products.