2012 “youth wear” festival- Jewelry trend on SXSW

Shoes in western styles, vintage mirrored sunglasses, and super personalized jewelry are the major trend in “south by southwest”. This time, we will undertake a deep analysis on the youth fashions in this festival, including jewelry, sunglasses, head ornaments, handbags and shoes. The main trends are as follows: Trend 1: the American western-style has penetrated into shoes markets, therefore western cowboy shoes and traditional Chelsea boots are worn by most of young people. Trend 2: “the eye of devil” has become the principal pattern of necklace pendants and rings. Youth like to buy them from wholesale jewelry findings online shops. Trend 3: sunglasses with circular frame are still the popular designs in SXSW; moreover, mirrored sunglasses are the key elements. Arm party “Ran party” is a new word, casually created by Man Repeller and Leandra Medine; later it is used to describe the set of bracelets worn on wrist layer after layer. “Arm party” trend is very noticeable in the artistic festival. Young people put on metal bangle, wristband, watch, friendship bracelet and other braided kinds on one arm. They gather two or more kinds together and wear them to form a splendid pile. Such “pile-effect” does not give us a messy feel, but display a stylistic eclecticism and make them full of characteristics. Many of them like to purchase beads supplies and create some amazing style and show them before the public, like this time, in SXSW. Luxurious necklaces in 1990s As the hip-hop culture in 1990s keeps on influencing the jewelry of this season, gold colored necklaces, shining and eye-catching, become another important trend in jewelry circle. The long and thick gold-color chains, super large and round medals, unusual pendants and endearing items are so attractive that no one can resist their charms. They are the punch lines of the gold-color necklaces. The eye of devil “The eye of devil”, at first, appeared as a kind of religious symbol. But now it has become the popular pattern among the young. In sxsw, we find that the eye of devil is the major role, which is often demonstrated on various rings and necklace pendants. Such ghostly and gothic pattern is fulfilled with mysteries that give us a spooky feeling. After being utilized into diversified jewelry, the pattern and related jewelry are loved by modern young fans. Golden bangles Many girls in sxsw are seen to wear noticeable golden bangles. These bangles are results of the influences on industrial materials and punk rock. 1990s vintage style and tribal style inspire many masterful designers, who latter create these famous bangles. Electronic watches Classical Casio golden watches have been worn on the wrists of many fashion geeks. The vintage styles must have aroused people’s nostalgia. Rings in exaggerated styles Exaggerated rings lead the fashion again in this year. Large rings are worn to demonstrate one’s characteristics, which can be briefly considered as statement rings. In SXSW an assortment of weirdly shaped rings swarms to young people’s fingers. Those kinds of rings have absorbed inspirations from such things as luxurious necklaces in 1990s, ethnic style jewelry and vintage costume jewelry. “Cat eyes” sunglasses & mirrored sunglasses The two kinds of vintage style are loved by young females. “cat eyes” emphasize women’s gentleness and feminineness; while mirrored sunglasses are more interesting, which are the must-have for young music fanatic