10 startups fueling pharma in social media; 5 promising preclinical programs;

Biotech IT News

> 10 startups fueling pharma in social media. Special report

> Fierce's Top 10 Biotech Techies - 2013. Special report

> GSK jumps new IT hurdles in 'real-world' test of blockbuster hopeful. Article

> Fierce's top 5 feats in life sciences 'gamification.' Special report

> 20 Big Pharma and biotech mobile apps - 2013. Special report

CRO News

> DIA 2013: Big or small, CROs need clout to survive. Editor's corner

> CRO turnover rate sky-high, according to survey. Article

> KKR buying RPS, planning to merge it with PRA. Story

> Outsourcing in China: Big Pharma wants partners, not just contractors. More

> FierceCRO at DIA 2013. Slideshow

Biotech Research News

> 5 promising preclinical programs. Special report

> New drug repairs brain connections lost in Alzheimer's. Article

> Sequester cuts come down heavy on scientific, medical research. Story

> Chemical in red wine kills cancer cells even after it's metabolized. More

> Bristol, AZ take doses of Vanderbilt to treat depressed CNS drug R&D. Item

PharmaManufacturing News

> BD quickly rolling out second drug from new injectables plant. Article

> Pfizer's effort to confront shortage leads to second Levoxyl recall. Story

> Hospira moves forward with two plants in India. More

> New manufacturing issues lead AbbVie to 2nd Synthroid recall. Story

> Conquering the complexities of biologics to get to biosimilars. Special report

Diagnostics News

> Roche looks to the future with two new molecular Dx systems. Article

> Roche to close 454 Life Sciences as it reduces gene sequencing focus. Story

> Q3's top 5 diagnostics VC deals. Special report

> Roche, Pacific Biosciences forge clinical Dx deal. More

> Exact Sciences denies talks underway to invest in Israeli cancer Dx startup. Article

Drug Delivery News

> Roundup: Insulin delivery devices at ADA. Article

> The Future of Nanotech Drug Delivery. Special report

> The race for the artificial pancreas. Special report

> 'Smart' insulin nanoparticle controls blood sugar levels for up to 10 days. Story

> Pfizer launches first U.S. once-daily liquid ADHD drug. Article

Biomarkers News

> Bill Gates helps genomic tests startup lay firm foundation. Article

> Brain biomarker may help open door to personalized depression drugs. Story

> CV biomarker study finds evidence of bias, exaggeration in the field. More

> 12-year study flags new biomarker for high risk of diabetes. Story

> Luminex to collaborate with Merck on Alzheimer's biomarker diagnostic. Article

Vaccines News

> Top 5 Vaccine Companies by Revenue - 2012. Special report

> Type 1 diabetes vaccine impresses in early study. Article

> ABC's appointment of Jenny McCarthy sparks media furor. More

> Major FDA vaccine approvals of 2012. Special report

> Pfizer's Prevnar 13, GSK's Synflorix pump up vaccination cost. Story