Biomm is a biopharmaceutical company founded in 2001.  as a spin off from Biobrás, at that time, the world’s fourth largest insulin producer.
Biobrás was a pioneer in biopharma in Brazil,  world’s  4th largest insulin producer  that developed and patented a  recombinant human insulin process, among other achievements.
In 2001 Biobrás was ceased its IP, researchers and key executives were transferred to Biomm.  Biobrás was then sold to Novo Nordisk.
Listed in Bovespa Stock Exchange (BIOM3), in 2013 Biomm succeed to raise  funds at the stock market and from Brazilian developing agencies to build an insulin plant in Brazil. The plant is ready and validation is under course
As part of  its strategy to growth, the company has signed  agreements  with different companies for products such as:
Bioton – Poland – Human Insulin
Gan & Lee – China -  Glargine Insulin
Ypsomed – Switzerland – Disposable pen injectors
Copernicus – Poland – Reusable pen injectors
MannKind – USA -  Inhalable insulin
Celltrion – Korea – Trastuzumab biosimilar.