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Astellas, like many of our industry peers, prioritizes innovation. What sets Astellas apart, however, is how we function at the intersection where our “Science First” approach meets the flexibility we’ve built into our innovation infrastructure.

Industry Collaboration As a Conduit for Value Growth

Building value through innovation is the clearest reflection and measure of change. With the healthcare system evolving at a rapid pace, the industry is learning to innovate for patients and business organizations. Jim Robinson, President, Astellas Pharma US, discusses how Astellas is driving a patients-first, collaboration-driven model that intends to balance the opposing forces that can stymie innovation. To generate patient value, the company is embracing open innovation by employing a system that uses the best science and the best talent from Astellas, biotech and academia to be flexible and nimble enough to adapt to new opportunities and circumstances. In addition, Astellas is focused on business model innovation and is currently working with integrated health networks and accountable care organizations around the country to generate and operationalize opportunities that deliver real value for patients. Specifically, Astellas is bringing researchers and healthcare experts together to develop ways to reduce inefficiencies in the management of oncology, urology and immunologic conditions. Robinson shares how the model has been applied thus far and encourages others in the industry to continue a dialogue within the industry and among stakeholders.