The Big Biotech participated in the round to equip Hookipa to advance its cytomegalovirus vaccine and cancer candidate through early clinical testing.

A new form of CRISPR/Cas9 activates specific genes without making breaks in the DNA, which can reduce harmful side effects.

Roche is uncovering data from a Tecentriq trial in bladder cancer patients that could provide clues to countering resistance to checkpoint inhibitors.

An experimental PARP med bought up as part of Pfizer’s multibillion-dollar Medivation buyout performed well in a late-stage trial.

Survival in patients who received eryaspase on top of low-dose cytarabine was no longer than that for the group that just got chemotherapy alone.

AZ research exec Johnson jumps to Goldfinch, Human Longevity undergoes C-suite earthquake, Biogen poaches Takeda exec as CIO.

Gilead has made a bolt-on acquisition of Cell Design with an eye to the future of CAR-T.

Orbimed is one of the biggest backers of life science companies in the world with $14 billion in asset management, but today its founder, Sam Isaly, has left…

Juno Therapeutics, which dumped its lead CAR-T program in March, has inked license agreements with Eli Lilly, OncoTracker and Fred Hutch.