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Latest Headlines

KKR steps in to back $55M C round for biosimilars developer Coherus

Just months after inking a $246 million development deal with Baxter for a biosimilar of Enbrel, Redwood City, CA-based Coherus has rounded up a whopping $55 million C round, including cash from KKR.

Paypal co-founder backs genomics data access startup

The rise of omics data in R&D has increased the overlap between biotech and Silicon Valley-style tech startups, with Flatiron Health's recent $130 million round making it a standout example. This week, SolveBio took its first steps on the path established by Flatiron by raising cash from the co-founder of Paypal other other leading tech investors.

Gelesis brings in $12M to advance its obesity pill

Boston startup Gelesis has picked up $12 million in venture funding, cash that'll support its novel approach to obesity treatment: a pill that disperses expanding particles in the gut to make patients feel full.

Gates, Wellcome bet $40M on Kymab's antibody tech

Cambridge, U.K.'s Kymab touts its drug development platform as an ideal way to spotlight new antibodies, and some bright minds would seem to agree, as the Wellcome Trust and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have teamed up on a $40 million round for the biotech.

Proteon banks $45M for vascular drug with Novartis in the rearview

With $45 million in venture commitments under its belt, Proteon is set to roll into a late-stage study for its top candidate, with no need for Big Pharma help.

ZS Pharma looks to $86M IPO to fund PhIII hyperkalemia studies

ZS Pharma is executing a familiar biotech gambit. The Texas-based biotech raised $55 million from some top venture groups just a few weeks ago, and now it's formally moving ahead with an $86 million IPO.

Chase banks $21M round for Alzheimer's drug research

Promising to use its technology to enhance the efficacy and safety of currently approved Alzheimer's drugs, Chase Pharmaceuticals says it has now added $21 million in new venture cash.

Flatiron raises $130M in Google-led round, buys EMR business

Google Ventures' reported $100 million investment in oncology Big Data startup Flatiron Health came to fruition this week. And the deal is even bigger than early reports suggested, with Flatiron raising $130 million and buying electronic medical record business Altos Solutions.

Novartis-backed ImaginAb banks $21M for antibody tech

UCLA brainchild ImaginAb has hauled in another $21 million in venture cash to advance its antibody-re-engineering technology, a biotech approach to imaging that the company believes will help personalize treatments for cancer and immune disease.

Marquee VCs back a $37.5M launch round for immune-tolerant drugs

A spinoff from the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne has rounded up a hefty $37.5 million A round from a prominent group of biotech investors to develop a new-and-improved portfolio of immune-tolerant therapies.