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Latest Headlines

BioInvent, BiondVax pocket $9.5M each in separate stock sales

BioInvent and BiondVax Pharmaceuticals have wrapped up their respective fundraising initiatives. Sweden's BioInvent pulled in $9.5 million to fuel the advance of its oncology pipeline, while Israel's BiondVax bagged a similar amount to continue work on its universal flu vaccine.

PsiOxus bags $39M from Woodford, GSK for checkpoint inhibitor combo trial

Neil Woodford's new $1.2 billion fund and GlaxoSmithKline's VC unit have contributed to a $39 million Series C round in PsiOxus Therapeutics. The cash will allow PsiOxus to test its oncolytic virus together with a checkpoint inhibitor, a combination it thinks can make the immuno-oncology treatment effective against otherwise resistant targets.

Galapagos inflates IPO again as AbbVie, J&J jockey for position

Galapagos has ratcheted up its IPO expectations for the second time in a week. The latest maximum offering is just shy of $290 million (€258 million), one-fifth of which is expected to come from potential suitors AbbVie and Johnson & Johnson.

Surge in overseas investment drives Israel to life sci fundraising record

Israel has joined the list of countries that obliterated their life science fundraising records in 2014. Data from IVC Research Center show Israeli life science companies pulled in $801 million (€708 million) last year, a 55% jump on the previous high that was underpinned by foreign investors opening their checkbooks with unprecedented regularity.

EU's investment bank continues move into R&D financing with €50M Bavarian Nordic loan

Bavarian Nordic is the latest company to benefit from the European Investment Bank's newfound willingness to finance drug development, snagging access to up to €50 million ($56 million) in loans for its Ebola and immunotherapy programs.

China's BeiGene banks $97M to get its cancer drugs into the clinic

BeiGene CEO John Oyler has long said China has all the world-class science and entrepreneurial ambition necessary to become a biotech hotbed. All that's missing is the kind of venture capital interest startups enjoy on the other side of the Pacific, he said. Now his company, at work on a pipeline of cancer treatments, is bucking that trend, hauling in a $97 million round and speeding ahead in the clinic.

Soon-Shiong raises another $100M for his cancer-focused biotech

Billionaire entrepreneur Patrick Soon-Shiong has raised $100 million for one of the many offshoots of his NantWorks conglomerate, working to duplicate the success of the targeted cancer drug that helped build his empire.

Amgen, Fidelity help bankroll another upstart gene-editing player with $25.6M A round

The wave of cash that has been lifting all boats in the gene-editing pool has now lifted a new biotech into view. Precision BioSciences, a Duke spinout focused on competing in the fractious and rapidly growing field, has grabbed a $27.6 million A round with the help of some A-list investors.

SFW Capital Partners closes $345M analytical tools fund

SFW Capital Partners has closed its second analytical tool investment fund. The fund hit its hard cap after 6 months of fundraising, giving SFW a $345 million kitty to invest in analytical tools companies.

Spyryx Biosciences raises $18M with a novel take on cystic fibrosis

Vertex Pharmaceuticals has made a major difference--and a lot of money--in cystic fibrosis with its targeted treatments, drugs tailored for patients with particular genetic defects. But upstart Spyryx Biosciences believes it may have discovered a way to treat all forms of CF with a single therapy, and the company raised $18 million in Series A cash to advance the idea.