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Latest Headlines

GamaMabs raises €15M to take immune-activating cancer candidate into the clinic

GamaMabs Pharma has raised €15 million ($16.4 million) to advance a monoclonal antibody against gynecological cancers into the clinic and up to proof-of-concept. Edmond de Rothschild Investment Partners' BioDiscovery 4 came on board to lead the Series B round.

$37.5M in hand, Termeer-backed X4 maps a fast pace on cancer immunotherapy R&D

Over the last 18 months Genzyme founder Henri Termeer has been helping organize and finance a new biotech called X4, which has taken up residence in Cambridge, MA, and is now going public with a $37.5 million A round and a plan to make its mark in the hot field of immuno-oncology.

Wellcome invests $38M in another gene therapy startup, targeting hemophilia

The Wellcome Trust's investment arm is putting up £25 million ($38 million) to launch a new company developing a potential one-time treatment for hemophilia and planning to build a pipeline of gene therapies.

Northwest Bio controversy intensifies scrutiny of Woodford's biotech investment chops

Neil Woodford spent last week framing the controversy around Northwest Biotherapeutics as one of the "bumps in the road" that are inevitable when investing in biotechs. But with concerns about Northwest Bio being in the public domain prior to Woodford making his investment, the case has prompted the fund's backers to question what other "bumps" he may have failed to foresee.

Bucking the trend, Big Pharma-partnered Nuevolution upsizes IPO

Nuevolution has upped the size of its IPO to SEK 250 million ($29.5 million) in response to strong demand. The upsizing means Nuevolution is on course to pull off the biggest biotech IPO of the year on Nasdaq First North.

In a win for NYC, gut-brain biotech Kallyope launches with $44M

New York's ambitious plans to grow a biotech hub in the heart of its world-class scientific community is being rewarded today with the unveiling of Kallyope, a startup that's being spun out of the labs at Columbia University with $44 million in Series A backing from a group of marquee investors.

UPDATED: With Roche in the rearview mirror, Constellation Pharma grabs $55M round

About four months after Roche completed its slow-motion decoupling with Constellation Pharmaceuticals, the biotech has moved ahead with a $55 million venture round.

Erytech raises €25M to broaden cancer pipeline ahead of possible Nasdaq IPO

Erytech has raised €25.4 million ($27.4 million) from institutional investors in the U.S. and Europe. The private placement gives Erytech cash to advance its lead tumor starvation drug and move other programs toward and into the clinic ahead of its possible listing on Nasdaq.

UPDATED: Eyeing pivotal PhIIIs, Margolin nabs $53M crossover round for Allena

Prepping for a pivotal Phase III program, Newton, MA-based Allena Pharmaceuticals has rounded up a few key crossover investors to help provide a $53 million round just weeks after claiming success for their lead drug in a small, single-arm proof-of-concept study.

Rubius goes after genetically re-engineered red-cell drugs with $25M from Flagship

Today, Rubius Therapeutics, which has been working on turning hematopoietic stem cells into red blood cells and "functionalizing" them with built-in therapeutic proteins that can address dozens of potential drug targets, is coming out of stealth mode with a $25 million Series A bankrolled entirely by Flagship Ventures, an early-stage investor which fostered the biotech in its prolific VentureLabs.