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Latest Headlines

Genzyme vets raise $37.5M for a new cancer biotech

The stealthy X4 Pharmaceuticals, run by some of former Genzyme execs, has raised $37.5 million to fund its work on new cancer treatments.

Cortendo swings for $86M IPO to fuel late-phase orphan drug R&D drive

Swedish-American biotech Cortendo is pitching to raise $86 million (€76 million) on Nasdaq to pump into a pair of late-phase trial programs, the more advanced of which could lead to a regulatory submission in the back half of 2017.

AstraZeneca backs $80M round for ADC's antibody warhead tech

In June, Chris Martin took the helm at Spirogen spinoff ADC Therapeutics, where he's been working on a next-gen armed antibody pipeline. And he's just followed up with a whopping $80 million venture round that's designed to get the cancer company through the next three years--and possibly on into an IPO along the way.

CRISPR player Intellia looks IPO-ready after $70M round

Late last year, Atlas Venture joined hands with Novartis to launch gene-editing upstart Intellia and then swiftly followed up with a formal alliance to use CRISPR/Cas9 tech to fashion a new wave of therapeutics. Now, just 8 months after the pact, Intellia has gone back to the well, drawing up $70 million in cash from a group which includes some active crossover investors that have been instrumental in shepherding a flock of biotechs into the busy IPO market.

Hatteras rounds up $90M to lead a biotech rebound in NC

Life sciences investor Hatteras Venture Partners has seen some sweeping changes in its native North Carolina over the past year, as anchor tenant GlaxoSmithKline is shedding more than 1,000 local jobs and disrupting the local biotech ecosystem. But all that displaced talent has created a wealth of potential for new startups, Hatteras said, and the firm has put together $90 million for a new fund designed to back the next generation of promising companies.

Illumina teams with VCs to place $100M bet on consumer genomics

Having played a major role in making consumer genomics feasible, Illumina is now looking to shape how the nascent sector develops. The company has teamed up with big-name VCs to create Helix, a deep-pocketed startup that is one part massive next-generation sequencing operation, one part app store for genomics.

Wave LifeSci banks $66M with a 'pure' take on synthetic chemistry

Wave Life Sciences, co-founded by famed Harvard chemist Gregory Verdine, put together a $66 million B round to fund its work on a new class of drugs that promise to home in on the genetic defects responsible for diseases.

Pfizer, OrbiMed back $40M Rhythm round for rare genetic disease R&D

Boston-based Rhythm has gone back to the venture well to draw up a fresh $40 million in backing from some A-list investors to fuel a mid-stage program for rare genetic disorders linked with a lethal level of obesity.

Post-Sarepta, Art Krieg gets $20M to take a shot at an immuno-oncology Checkmate

A year after getting bounced from a turbulent Sarepta, Art Krieg is prepping for his next act in biotech, snatching a failed lead immunology drug from the dying Zurich-based Cytos Biotechnology and taking a second stab at a near-term success with a new company that will tackle the red-hot immuno-oncology field.

Gates backs a $120M breakout round for CRISPR/Cas9 pioneers at Editas

Editas quickly emerged as one of the first biotech upstarts with potentially game-changing gene editing technology in its hands. Now it's rounded up a $120 million megaround to speed its way through the next two years of research, setting up its lead clinical programs for human testing with a gang of investors that includes legendary software magnate Bill Gates and leaving the biotech poised to jump into the IPO queue at the time of its choosing.