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Latest Headlines

UPDATED: San Diego biotech insider accused of shooting RNAi expert and brother-in-law

San Diego police say that biotech entrepreneur Hans Petersen shot and wounded his brother-in-law Ron Fletcher and the University of California, San Diego scientist Steven Dowdy at separate times and locations Thursday, The Associated Press reported.

Egalet scores up to $20M for next-gen pain drug as FDA aims to block abuse

The company develops drug-delivery platforms that offer therapeutic release of pain medicines while making them difficult to abuse. With the new capital, the company plans to advance one of its two lead opioid treatments, Egalet-001, into late-stage clinical development.

Civitas scoops up $38M B round for inhaled Parkinson's drug

Civitas Therapeutics has scored fresh financing en route to potential late-stage development of an inhaled form of levodopa to treat symptoms of Parkinson's disease. Bay City Capital led the $38 million Series B round, which follows the start of a Phase IIb study for the startup's Parkinson's candidate CVT-301.

DRI Capital gains $1.45B in fresh firepower for drug royalty deals

DRI Capital has put the final pieces together for its $1.45 billion fund to buy drug royalties. Eyeing a range of biopharma companies, academics and inventors, the 21-year old investment group says it's looking to expand on a portfolio of royalties that already includes some top-selling medicines.

Langer's Bind, Acceleron and Five Prime set terms for next batch of biotech IPOs

Three well-groomed biotech outfits aim to sustain the frenzy for new biotech stocks on Wall Street. This week Acceleron Pharma, Bind Therapeutics and Five Prime Therapeutics proposed price ranges for their planned initial public offerings.

MacroGenics trumpets cancer immunotherapies in $60M IPO pitch

MacroGenics, a developer of next-generation antibodies against cancer and autoimmune diseases, has joined the ranks of biotech companies that either have or plan to hit the public markets this year, seeking up to $60 million in its initial public offering.

Otonomy banks $46M VC round for PhIII programs on inner-ear drugs

When venture investor Jay Lichter developed  an inner-ear affliction known as Ménière's disease,  the available treatment was so crude and unreliable, he was inspired to fund a new company to come up with a much better commercial product

UPDATED: Pursuing Alzheimer's, iPierian grabs $30M and spins off orphan drug biotech

After taking the helm and pointing South San Francisco-based iPierian in a new direction, CEO Nancy Stagliano today unveiled a $30 million venture round designed to get her crew into the clinic with a lead antibody program, while a separate project is being spun out into a new biotech that she will also direct.

Waksal brushes off jail time, plots biotech IPOs in a red-hot market

A bullish Sam Waksal hopes to banish the ethical cloud that has hung over his head since doing jail time for the Imclone insider trading scandal with plans to spin some units out into public companies.

Quantia, provider of software to pharma, lands $10M B round

Waltham, MA-based Quantia has reeled in $10 million for a Series B round of funding, led by Safeguard Scientifics.