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Latest Headlines

Padlock banks $23M with a fresh approach to autoimmune disease

Startup Padlock Therapeutics has a novel approach to autoimmune disease that could reduce the need for immunosuppressants, and the biotech has $23 million in fresh cash to explore the idea.

Amgen vet reveals stealth startup Flexus backed by $38M from Kleiner Perkins, Celgene

After shunning public attention for more than a year, cancer immunotherapy startup Flexus Biosciences is ready for the limelight now that it is headed toward the clinic, has banked its first two venture rounds totaling $38 million and boasts impressive management, board and advisory rosters.

Google Ventures splashes into life sciences with its $425M purse

Google Ventures is betting more and more on life sciences startups each year, and the well-funded financier tells The Wall Street Journal that's not going to change in the new year.

Novartis quarterbacks a $34M round for Huntington's startup Annexon

Novartis Venture Fund has stepped in to take the lead on a $34 million venture round for Redwood City, CA-based upstart Annexon Bioscience, which believes it has the inside track on a new treatment for Huntington's disease.

Early Medidata backer plans $150M digital-health fund

Milestone Venture Partners is readying a digital-health investment fund. The VC shop is aiming to raise $150 million from biopharma companies and others to invest in up to 20 early-stage digital health companies.

Transcriptic offers Y Combinator biotechs $20,000 credit for its robotic labs

The 10 biotechs in the latest batch of Y Combinator startups--as well as those that have already graduated from the incubator--will receive $20,000 to spend at Transcriptic's automated life science laboratory.

Versant wraps up an overstuffed $305M fund with eyes on Canada

Biotech backer Versant Ventures has put together a $305 million new purse, cash that will bankroll a new generation of drug developers with a particular focus on Canada's startup scene.

Biotech partners at Allena fund a march toward PhIII with $25M venture round

Allena Pharmaceuticals has reeled in a new investor to lead its $25 million B round, which should provide enough money to get its lead drug through a multipronged midstage program and up to the threshold of Phase III. HBM stepped in to lead the pack of the Newton, MA-based biotech's original investors--Frazier Healthcare, Third Rock Ventures and Bessemer Venture Partners--with the help of another new investor, Pharmstandard International.

Busy biotechs bag $121M in VC cash

Seres Health, PMV Pharmaceuticals, Apellis Pharmaceuticals and CANbridge Life Sciences raise $121M in VC cash.

Naurex bags an $80M round for PhIII study of an NMDA drug for depression

Whatever data Naurex collected from its recently completed Phase IIb study of an NMDA receptor drug for depression, it must have deeply impressed its investment syndicate. Today the company unveiled the news that it has rounded up an $80 million round designed to put the drug through a late-stage pivotal trial.