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Latest Headlines

GSK fighting emerging market, China sales slump, sees near-term rebound

GlaxoSmithKline struggled in China and emerging markets in the third quarter, though executives said that plans afoot would see it recover by the first quarter of next year as volumes pick up.

Indian court tells state government to regulate online drug sales

The High Court of Mumbai has ordered the Indian state government of Maharastra to start regulating online sales of medicines until the federal government can come up with laws to deal with the controversial issue, according to a report in the  Business Standard.

FDA seeks industry feedback on virtual and BYOD clinical trials

The FDA is trying to learn more about virtual clinical trials, the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) model of provisioning and other aspects of today's tech-enabled research environment. The regulator has set up a docket to gather feedback on how researchers are using technology and what barriers are stopping more widespread adoption.

Allergan pays $125M to rid itself of marketing charges tied to Warner Chilcott

Allergan has been trying for months to resolve bribery allegations that came with its $8.5 billion buyout of Warner Chilcott and now will do that with a plea deal and a $125 million payment. For former Warner Chilcott president W. Carl Reichel, the matter is more complicated. He was arrested and had to appear in federal court in Boston for leading the alleged scheme.

Saline producers face call for FTC probe into shortage, rising prices

In response to U.S. senators who have asked the FTC to look into whether saline producers have used the shortage to unfairly raise prices and push the sales of tubes and pumps, Baxter International and Hospira, two of the key U.S. suppliers of saline, say they have gone to extraordinary effort to deal with the solution shortage that has bedeviled the industry for two years.

Senators want FTC probe to see if saline makers have profited unfairly from shortage

A two-year shortage of saline solutions has had the attention of hospitals that have had to sometimes ration a product they once took for granted. But it has now caught the attention of some U.S. senators who are asking the FTC to look into whether saline producers have using it to unreasonably jack up prices.

Amgen's T-Vec wins FDA nod, EU committee recommendation

In the last week, Amgen received regulatory endorsements on each side of the Atlantic for its first-in-class oncolytic viral therapy talimogene laherparepvec, known as T-Vec.

Cough syrup abuse gets India's attention

Officials at India's finance ministry, which controls the country's narcotics allocations, plan to get tougher with the country's makers of codeine-based cough syrups in order to crack down on abuse of the medicines.

Health insurance companies still being targeted by Chinese hackers

A U.S. investigation showed Chinese hackers recently targeted American health insurance companies, the  Financial Times  reported, adding that insurance giant Anthem reported personal details on almost 80 million people had been "compromised."

Novartis to close one Indian manufacturing plant as FDA warning bites

Swiss-based Novartis will close a manufacturing plant in India, CEO Joe Jimenez said on the Oct. 27 third quarter earnings call, noting that the company has moved on remediation plans following inspections, but still received a U.S. FDA warning letter.