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Latest Headlines

Sanofi taps Adimab for antibody R&D

Sanofi inked a deal with the antibody discovery experts at Adimab, partnering up to generate a fleet of potential medicines.

Researchers develop low-cost smartphone device for quick HIV and syphilis screening

As devicemakers home in on cheap, rapid diagnostics for patients in developing nations, researchers are creating a low-cost smartphone device to quickly test for infectious diseases in poor countries.

More than 20,000 elderly brains to be monitored via startup's device

Brain monitoring startup NeuroVigil and the American Senior Housing Association are working together to conduct a major survey of the aging brain. It will use NeuroVigil's wearable iBrain device to monitor more than 20,000 seniors.

AstraZeneca embraces the biotech lifestyle in a make-or-break year

AstraZeneca's R&D blueprint for 2015 calls for hunkering down on its core pipeline assets and taking a cue from the startup world with the rest, CEO Pascal Soriot said, planning to partner up in hopes of maximizing value.

Two new med tech incubators in the works--one with the AMA, the other Georgia Tech

The American Medical Association is partnering with Chicago-based healthcare technology incubator Matter. And the 30-year-old tech incubator the Advanced Technology Development Center is opening an incubator at Georgia Tech specifically for next-generation medical device companies.

Armetheon raises $24M to get its anticoagulant into Phase III

Menlo Park, CA's Armetheon raised a $24.3 million B round to support work on a new oral blood thinner the biotech believes can fill a hole in the blockbuster anticoagulant market.

Takeda drops DTaP/sIPV development to focus on 'higher-impact' programs

After creating a global specialty unit for its vaccines business and tapping a new development head last fall, Takeda now plans to drop a Phase II Diphtheria-Tetanus-acellular Pertussis (DTaP) and Sabin inactivated poliovirus vaccine (sIPV) program in Japan to focus on markets where it can make a bigger splash.

European Commission funds phone to 'smell' diseases

A team of researchers was just awarded $6.8 million from the European Commission to design the so-called SniffPhone to detect potent molecules in a patient's breath or urine for diagnosing disease.

NeuroPace reveals positive study results for neurostimulation epilepsy implant

California's NeuroPace unveiled promising study results for its antiepilepsy neurostimulation device, giving the company a boost as it ramps up development for the system in the U.S.

Cutting off ovarian cancer blood vessels improves chemo delivery

Researchers have developed a method for cutting off the protein that cancer cells need to create new blood vessels. By cutting out the abnormal blood vessels, they also shrank the tumor and allowed more healthy blood supply to the tumor, allowing for more drugs to reach it.