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Latest Headlines

Colorado State nabs record $42.5M gift for translational research institute

It was a very merry holiday season at Colorado State University, which received a $42.5 million gift from philanthropists John and Leslie Malone to build the Institute for Biologic Translational Therapies--a research facility where veterinarians and physicians will work together to develop stem cell therapies and other regenerative technologies.

Analytics and Big Data investments spur bumper year for digital health funding

The likelihood of 2014 being another high-water mark for digital health was clear from the first few months of the year. When digital health seed funder Rock Health tallied up the total last week, it found digital health companies raised $4.1 billion in 2014, almost as much as they pulled in across the three prior years combined.

Approvals aren't enough; Big Pharma R&D restructuring will continue

Here's a perennial favorite among the top trends in the industry. About six years ago, most of Big Pharma got serious about one of its biggest problems: they were really, really bad at drug development.

A new era of immuno-oncology has arrived

After years of posting impressive clinical results and pushing analyst projections to greater and greater heights, a new class of cancer treatments has finally made its way onto the market, opening up what's expected to become a multibillion-dollar industry.

The top 5 trends for biotech in 2015

Billions of dollars in new biotech investments are being made, R&D is being globalized more than ever before and new technologies and drug classes are moving fast through the clinic. FierceBiotech assesses what we believe are the 5 top trends to watch in the year ahead.

Gelatin-based nanoparticles enter brain to treat stroke in crucial time window

South Korean researchers at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign have developed a delivery technique that uses bits of gelatin to encapsulate drugs and carry them to the brain without surgery. The method shows promise for stroke patients, extending the window during which treatment can be effective.

Study finds doing mock injections helps patients self-administer drugs, biologics without mistakes

Two recent surveys covered by FierceDrugDelivery have shown that the vast majority of patients don't use their drug delivery devices properly. Device training specialist Noble says improved patient education is the key.

Cerulean's cancer candidate debuts in humans, enters clinical testing stage

Cerulean Pharma announced last week that the first patient has received its Phase I/IIa cancer candidate, CRLX301, delivered using its RNA-based Dynamic Tumor Targeting Platform.

Study: Devices for obstructive sleep apnea could improve symptoms of depression

As med tech companies home in on innovative devices to treat obstructive sleep apnea, a new review shows that using a nightly device to treat the disorder could also lessen symptoms of depression.

Astellas adds to deal spree with expanded $675M-plus Cytokinetics pact

Astellas has capped a string of new drug development deals by upping the ante on its pact with South San Francisco-based Cytokinetics. After handing over a $40 million upfront fee for their original 2013 deal, Astellas has come back with $75 million more in near-term financing and more than $600 million in milestones on the table.