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Incyte is opening an R&D command center, staffing up in Geneva

With close to two dozen clinical-stage programs underway and plans to add more, Incyte is moving to set up a research shop in Geneva, Switzerland, to oversee all of its R&D efforts on the continent.

Bayer hits the gas on its top cancer prospect with Phase III in sight

Bayer is plotting a pair of Phase III trials for its lead oncology treatment, hoping to crack the crowded field of new blood cancer drugs with a targeted therapy of its own.

Baltimore device company aims to bring first wearable artificial lung to market

Breethe, an early stage Baltimore medical device company, will try to develop the first external, wearable artificial lung using technology developed by the University of Maryland, Baltimore.

Roche snags a genomics startup with an eye on cancer R&D

Roche bought up a Stanford University-founded upstart with a promising approach to tracking the spread of cancer, eyeing a new tool in its expansive oncology R&D efforts.

Celgene buys into Mesoblast's stem cell pipeline in regenerative med pact

Celgene has stepped up with a deal to buy a $45 million chunk of Mesoblast's stock at a premium price in exchange for a front row seat on the Australian biotech's stem cell pipeline and a preferred spot at the bargaining table if it follows up with a licensing deal.

Big Pharma partner: Check. Crossover round: Check. Hot tech: Check. IPO...

Two months after tying the Big Pharma collaboration knot with Sanofi, Cambridge, MA-based gene therapy startup Voyager Therapeutics has rolled out a $60 million venture round that appears to set the stage for an upcoming IPO.

BioXcel adds Takeda to its roster of A-list clients

BioXcel has added another big name to its list of clients. Takeda is the latest company to sign up to work with BioXcel, a database-driven drug discovery shop that already boasts relationships with Alexion, Sanofi, Teva and Vertex.

Early user of Venter's DNA synthesizer reports saving time, money

Feedback from an early-access program for Synthetic Genomics' personal DNA workstation has started to emerge. And the initial news is positive, with a researcher at the University of California, San Francisco, reporting that the device is cutting the time and money it takes to synthesize DNA.

Zoetis innovation lab seeks to create electronic health record for every U.K. farm animal

Scientists at Zoetis' new Centre for Digital Innovation are working on apps and other technologies to improve both livestock production and companion-animal health, and Zoetis has launched the initiative with an ambitious goal: to create an electronic health record for every farm animal in the U.K.

Duke University scores $20M from NIH to develop HIV vaccine

In a win for HIV vaccine research, Duke University researchers have scored $20 million in grants from the National Institutes of Health to develop an HIV vaccine.