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Latest Headlines

Y Combinator graduate bags $4M for algorithm-enabled drug discovery

Verge Genomics has raised $4 million to finance a computer-based drug discovery program targeting neurological disorders. The plan is to map all the genes implicated in a disease, using technology that Verge compares to Google's search engine, and find drugs that can hit each of the targets simultaneously.

The top 10 biopharma pipeline disasters of 2015

Drug R&D is a tough business. The odds are almost always against success, and the price to be paid for being wrong is cruelly high. That said, it did seem a little harder than usual this year to...

Startup Qvella gets $20M Series A to develop rapid pathogen detection test

Qvella is close to the holy grail of diagnostics--a compact, inexpensive pathogen analyzer that identifies the precise culprit in only 30 minutes. The idea is to enable better infection treatment faster as well as to minimize the overuse of antibiotics that leads to the development of resistance.

PRA upgrades its Dutch R&D hub with eyes on bioanalytics

CRO PRA Health Sciences upsized one of its European outposts, investing in bioanalytical services to bolster its clinical research operations in the region.

Pfizer gives up on a pair of Xeljanz indications--and it may dump psoriasis, too

Pfizer says it'll "reconsider" its investment in a psoriasis indication for Xeljanz, recently rejected by the FDA, after it meets with the agency.

NEA backs cancer genome Dx startup Personal Genome in $21M+ Series A

Another startup is emphatically advancing into the fray to elicit and apply genomic data as a guide for cancer diagnoses and treatment. Personal Genome Diagnostics has raised a $21.4 million Series A round to expand its commercial genomic oncology testing service.

Cleveland Clinic, Candescent Health partner to create cloud-based radiology network

The Cleveland Clinic has partnered with startup Candescent Health in a multiyear deal for the creation of a U.S. cloud-based radiology network based on consistent standards and workflow processes. The partnership is the latest example of the ongoing assessment of how to best access and use radiology resources given the ever-expanding potential for sharing diagnostic images and integrating software analyses.

Following pioneering approval, Versant bankrolls next-gen oncolytics player Turnstone

Versant Ventures has come up with an $11.3 million Series A round for Turnstone Biologics, an Ontario-based biotech that is taking an oncolytics platform technology developed by a trio of Canadian scientists and ramping up a new program aimed at taking the field a few big steps forward.

Astellas, ClearPath launch vaccines firm aimed at healthcare-associated infections

As healthcare-associated infections continue to burden the medical system and grab headlines, Astellas and ClearPath Development are forming a vaccines company looking to help tackle the issue.

New Alphabet hire Insel gears up for med tech mental health innovation

Alphabet's notable hire of late, Dr. Thomas Insel, is gearing up to start work next week at the Google Life Sciences group, and Insel is bringing big plans for med tech mental health innovation to the table.