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Latest Headlines

India needs more R&D spending on healthcare, researchers say

India must spend more on healthcare research and development if it wants to cut its dependence on foreign drugs, technology and knowledge, top research officials said recently.

J&J launches consumer health and wellness tech accelerator

Johnson & Johnson has long been the top med tech R&D spender--with an estimated $1.7 billion spent on its diagnostics and medical device R&D in 2014. Now it's building a bridge specifically into the consumer-oriented health and wellness industry that spans both med tech and consumer products businesses. The accelerator will specifically target technologies that address nutrition, physical activity, stress and sleep as well as alcohol and smoking cessation.

As NEA buys in, FDA calls for more innovative, affordable and effective hearing aids

Hearing aids aren't particularly useful or affordable for most Americans who need them, but the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is hoping to help change that. It has disclosed new efforts to advance hearing aid technology and patient access to the devices. And a top med tech industry venture firm, NEA, has already made at least a trio of bets in the hearing aid category.

UCB taps Evotec to pitch in on drug discovery

Belgian drugmaker UCB recruited Evotec to oversee its library of chemical compounds, enlisting the German company's expertise in hopes of easing the drug discovery process.

PPD spins out its in-house biotech as sale rumors swirl

PPD, rumored to be up for sale, spun out its wholly owned biotech company into a stand-alone entity, a move the CRO said will maximize shareholder value.

Novartis aims for first in smart inhaler race via Qualcomm deal

Qualcomm and Novartis are working together to develop a next-gen connected version of the pharma's Breezhaler device that's used across its entire chronic obstructive pulmonary disease drug portfolio.

Takeda taps Enterome for microbiome R&D

Japanese drugmaker Takeda is deepening its work in microbiomics, signing a drug discovery deal with France's Enterome Bioscience in hopes of spotlighting new treatments for gastrointestinal disorders.

Hospitals respond to 'alarm fatigue' with patient monitoring innovation: WSJ

Back in 2013, nonprofit hospital accreditor the Joint Commission set alarm safety for patient monitoring as its safety goal, giving hospitals until January 2016 to set up new policies and procedures for related devices. With the first of the year come and gone, healthcare centers are rolling out new solutions to reduce unnecessary alarms and improve monitoring.

Norway's Bionor tests drug-vaccine combo against HIV

Antiretroviral treatments sometimes fail to work in people with HIV because of the virus' ability to "hide" in cells and then reemerge once therapy stops. Norway's Bionor tested anticancer drug romidepsin and a vaccine, Vacc-4x, in 17 HIV-positive patients in the hopes that the combo would force the virus out of hiding and then kill it.

Strike two: Gilead chalks up another setback for top pipeline prospect simtuzumab

Gilead has racked up its second straight setback on simtuzumab, scrapping a mid-stage study for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis after a data monitoring group concluded that the drug wasn't working as expected.