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Latest Headlines

Alzheimer's R&D suffers as trial failure rate hits an 'astounding' 99.6%

Jeffrey Cummings is directing one of the few early-stage studies underway on an Alzheimer's therapy. And now that he's scanned the records of, he's acutely aware of just how small his chosen field is.

Muscle cell-powered 'bio-bot' could carry drugs

Self-propelled drug delivery robots offer the type of precise targeting and maneuverability needed to make better treatments. And U.S. engineers have designed a type of robot that's powered by real muscle cells, offering controlled movement via electrical pulses, an innovation that could find its way into the drug delivery arena down the road.

Researchers aim to sneak antibiotics into bacteria via naturally occurring molecule

Researchers are attempting to develop methods of sneaking drugs past bacteria's external defense system by delivering therapies via molecules that bacteria secrete to find and obtain iron. 

MicroRNA delivery specialist Microlin Bio nears $30 million IPO

MicroLin Bio, a developer of microRNA treatments for cancer, is expected to price its $30 million IPO on the Nasdaq this week. Delays and share dilution have taken some of the shine off the event, but investors enthiusiam will ultimately hinge on the fate of its proprietary nanoparticle delivery technology.

Amgen scores FDA's 'breakthrough' nod for prospective leukemia therapy

Amgen nabbed a breakthrough designation for its mid-stage blood cancer drug blinatumomab.

Agenus spikes on positive data for its brain cancer vaccine

Agenus' vaccine for a deadly form of brain cancer helped extend patients' lives in a single-arm study, the company said, news that sent its shares up as much as 20% on hopes it can find a partner to help it into Phase III.

UPDATED: Biotech IPO scorecard: Hits, runs and errors mount in mixed Q2

It takes a scorecard to keep up with the biotech IPO action these days. Four of the 8 companies planning to go public in the U.S. this week are biotechs, including Minerva and Syndax, and the crush of companies at the Nasdaq gate is making it increasingly hard for all of them to find a large enough group of investors to back their play.

Device for 'smart' Kegel exercises to debut soon

Adult toy company Minna Life is accepting preorders on Kickstarter for its kGoal pelvic trainer device and app, which it claims is the world's first smart Kegel trainer.

Two more biotechs roll the IPO dice as the market sputters

Even though the biotech IPO market has been sputtering under the weight of a wave of new offerings and some heightened skepticism of what's being put in front of investors these days, two more biotechs have laid out plans to raise a total of some $150 million.

Researchers develop a durable hydrogel for use with implantable devices

Researchers at Tohoku University in Japan have come up with a stretchable and durable electrode-hydrogel that could open the door for the development of new generations of wearable and implantable devices.