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Latest Headlines

Mystery solved: Star biotech team rallies behind a $36M diabetes spinout from Salk

The mystery of Ron Evans' new biotech startup has been solved. Armed with $36 million in cash from A-list venture investors and backed by a pro team recruited from Rich Heyman's Aragon/Seragon starring cancer drug startups, the prominent Salk investigator and his old buddy Heyman are coming out of stealth mode today with a new company called Metacrine.

Bayer sees 'enormous' advantage in treating both crops and humans

Drugmakers such as Novartis and Sanofi long ago bowed out of the crop science field, bidding farewell to their units to focus their attention on pharma. But the way Bayer sees it, the area is an important piece of the life sciences puzzle.

Regeneron ups its research budget by 32% with eyes on new blockbusters

Regeneron, toasting the approval of its latest treatment and riding the success of its last one, is investing more and more into R&D, lining up a stable of new therapies with blockbuster ambitions.

After years on the slide, things are looking up in biopharma R&D, report says

Whether looking at Phase III success, drug launches or product sales, biopharma is hitting its stride in R&D, according to new analysis from Thomson Reuters. And, as the industry evolves its approach to research and regulators speed up the review process, the latest upswing could be a sign of better days ahead for drug developers.

Stanford scientists develop brain-controlled sensor geared toward ALS patients

Brain-controlled prostheses are picking up steam within the industry, and a team of scientists from Stanford University is harnessing the technology to create a system that could help paralyzed patients carry out more precise movements. 

Baxalta's first-of-its-kind bleeding drug lines up for FDA approval

Baxalta, recently spun out from Baxter, is charging toward its first drug approvals under a new identity, publishing positive results for a bleeding treatment awaiting word from the FDA.

Israeli med tech studies breath test in clinical trial for obesity-related cirrhosis candidate

The clinical evaluation of cirrhosis can rely upon a whole range of standard medical tests including hepatic venous pressure gradient (HVPG), liver biopsy results, and liver stiffness testing. But Israeli med tech Exalenz Bioscience is working to develop a breath test for its BreathID system that could offer accurate diagnosis and monitoring for a version of the disease, NASH cirrhosis in a Phase II clinical trial with biotech micro-cap Galectin Therapeutics.

U.S. Army scientists roll out innovative blood loss monitor device

As researchers target innovative technology geared toward military use, U.S. army scientists are developing a device that could monitor how long an individual is able to compensate for blood loss.

Ex-BGI CEO's next move? A $1.6B push to find a 'formula for life'

Jun Wang, who stepped down as CEO of Chinese sequencing giant BGI last month, has told Nature News what he wants to do next. The tentative plan is to raise $1.6 billion, gather samples from 1 million people and analyze them with a supercomputer to uncover a "formula for life."

Venter's HLI plans to ramp up sequencing capacity as more pharma deals near fruition

J. Craig Venter's Human Longevity, Inc., is working toward new deals with biopharma companies. And the completion of the agreements could lead to a ramping up of HLI's already massive sequencing capacity.