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Latest Headlines

Arrowhead doses first RNAi hepatitis B 'functional cure' PhIIa patient

Arrowhead, fresh off a $120 million public offering in February, is paving the way on what it has called a "functional cure" for hepatitis B, beginning dosing in a Phase IIa trial for its RNAi drug designed to deliver the genetic material to the nucleus using a polymer-based conjugate.

Pfizer's targeted Xalkori outshines chemo in trial of untreated lung cancer patients

Pfizer said its targeted cancer drug Xalkori trounced chemotherapy in a trial of previously untreated patients with a particular type of lung cancer. The study showed for the first time that up-front treatment with Xalkori staves off cancer growth better than other treatments in patients whose tumors test positive for ALK-gene abnormalities.

Small, drug-releasing battery could dissolve completely over time

A study published this week in  Advanced Materials  highlights a biodegradable battery that could be designed to deliver drugs in a controlled manner and then disappear within a set amount of time.

Nasal spray for depression offers minimally invasive treatment option

A nasal spray could offer a new route by which to administer a peptide used to treat depression, as published in a new study by researchers at the Toronto, Canada-based Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. It's the first time this type of delivery has been used to treat the condition.

Wanna team with AstraZeneca? Post on its website

AstraZeneca has launched a website with hopes of opening up its R&D efforts to would-be collaborators, posting its compound bank and soliciting new ideas from academia, industry and government.

Biogen cozies up to MIT with a $5.3M drug discovery pact

George Scangos, CEO of biotech powerhouse Biogen Idec, and David Page, director of MIT's Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research, have made a $5.3 million handshake, the Boston Globe reports, as the two institutions plan to collaborate on early-phase development.

Novartis chairman vows to preserve top R&D budget in retrenchment

At Novartis, only the top executives are allowed to discuss R&D strategy in any kind of a meaningful way. So when they talk, everyone--including the company's big research staff around the world--pays very, very close attention.

Gilead scrambles toward hep C cure-all with next-gen combo pill

Gilead won the race to be the first to market with an interferon-free oral therapy that can essentially wipe out all traces of the virus for a large group of patients. Now it's angling to follow up that big score with a single combo pill that can do the job for just about everyone in the megablockbuster market.

Myriad has a cancer companion diagnostic for Tesaro's PARP inhibitor

Oncology biotech Tesaro will use a cancer test developed by Myriad Genetics to look for tumor types that may respond to PARP inhibitors like niraparib, a Phase III candidate in ovarian cancer and breast cancer, in-licensed from Merck in 2012.

South Korea targets medical device industry as its latest growth engine

Business Korea reported that the government has a goal for its med tech industry to export more than $12.5 billion worth of goods, hire 130,000 people and have a 3.8% global market share by 2020.