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Latest Headlines

NIH funds 5 projects to treat blindness, unveils Alzheimer's research agenda

The U.S. National Institutes of Health's National Eye Institute is spending up to $17.9 million over the next 5 years to find new therapies for blindness. In addition, the NIH just unveiled its Alzheimer's disease research agenda.

Boston Scientific: Watchman and Lotus TAVR will power future growth, boost margins

At its investor day on May 1, Boston Scientific pledged to accelerate sales growth to 3% to 6% and boost its operating margins to 25% by 2017 on the back of a promising product pipeline, like the newly approved Watchman device for preventing stroke and the next generation of its fast selling S-ICD, which reduces implantable defibrillators' reliance on troublesome wires known as leads.

Waksal's new biotech spins out its gene therapy biz with an IPO in mind

Kadmon, a biotech company founded by the once-jailed former CEO of ImClone, is spinning out its gene therapy division on the path to a long-promised IPO, touting a novel approach to the fast-moving field.

Missouri scientists seek public's help in quest to sequence feline genomes

The feline genetics laboratory at the University of Missouri's veterinary college has set an ambitious goal to sequence the genomes of 99 cats. Leslie Lyons, professor emeritus and principal investigator, hopes the genetic information gathered during the project will help veterinarians, breeders, and cat owners eliminate some genetic diseases.

Genentech joins WaferGen's single cell analysis early-access program

Genentech has joined an early-access program for WaferGen Bio-systems' single cell sequencing technology. The alliance builds on proof-of-concept studies with the Broad Institute and BGI with a view to validating the use of the technology in industrial drug discovery.

Biotech's boom spells a spike in R&D down payments

The average upfront value in biotech deals hit a 9-year peak in 2014, according to Morrison & Foerster, part of a virtuous cycle in life sciences that has pushed asset valuations ever upward.

Researchers reveal 3-D printed airway splint for infants

As 3-D printing picks up steam within the industry, U.S. researchers have harnessed the technology to develop a device that treats infants with a life-threatening airway condition and changes shape as children age.

Allergan picks CRO ImageIQ for bladder trial

Allergan has reached out to CRO ImageIQ to support its development of a new treatment for bladder disease, recruiting the imaging specialist to pitch in on a new clinical trial.

Amgen adding 100 researchers in Cambridge as biotechs scout for 1,000-plus

While Amgen has been busily chopping thousands of staffers throughout its organization while reducing its R&D budget, one of its goals in the restructuring--which was repeated in its 10Q earlier this week--was to beef up its presence in two key hubs: San Francisco and Cambridge, MA. And it's following through with a plan to add 100 staffers in the Boston-area hub this year.

Celgene bets $30M on a Versant-backed cancer startup

Striking its fourth oncology deal in under a week, the prolific Celgene is teaming up with a graduate of the Versant Ventures startup academy, betting the biotech's proprietary R&D engine can churn out some valuable cancer candidates.