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Latest Headlines

NIH gives $1M to developer of ultrasound device for detection of postoperative blood clots

The NIH made a $1 million Small Business Innovation Research grant to Baltimore's Sonavex, a maker of ultrasound-based technology to detect postoperative clots.

Paraplegic walks by guiding a robotic skeleton with the brain via an EEG system

Robotic exoskeletons to enable paraplegics to walk that are manually controlled have been around for years; arm and hand prosthetics that can be mentally manipulated and enable sensation have also been developed. Now, researchers have combined some of these capabilities to enable a paraplegic to walk using a robotic exoskeleton controlled by the brain via an electroencephalogram (EEG)-based system.

German CRO cozies up to Bayer at its Berlin R&D hub

German preclinical CRO NMI TT Pharmaservices is building a new branch at Bayer's new hub for biotech startups, hoping to expand the use of its discovery platform.

Scripps Florida nets 4-year, $6M grant from Gates Foundation for HIV vaccine

In June, a team from The Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, CA, met with federal regulators to discuss human trials for its investigational HIV vaccine. Now, researchers from the Scripps campus in Florida have won a four-year grant of up to $6 million from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to develop a vaccine for HIV/AIDS that researchers there have been working on.

Biogen VP Karaboutis rallies company for med tech R&D push

Last year, Biogen brought on Adriana Karaboutis as its executive VP of technology to lead the company's med tech R&D push and further CEO George Scangos' vision of the company becoming a lead digital health player. And Karaboutis has not wasted any time since coming aboard, rolling out a series of new initiatives to bolster Biogen's recent efforts in the field.

AstraZeneca embraces crowdsourcing in a mix-and-match cancer R&D contest

Hoping to spotlight some promising new combination cancer treatments, AstraZeneca is opening up its data vault to researchers around the globe in an effort to crowdsource new avenues for research.

New ulcerative colitis data could help Pfizer's Xeljanz pick up the pace

Rheumatoid arthritis therapy Xeljanz hasn't gotten off to the start Pfizer hoped, but new indications could give it a boost. On that front, the company reported positive results on Monday from a pair of trials evaluating the med in ulcerative colitis.

Clorox reveals smartphone-powered UV cleaning device for drug-resistant bacteria

As superbug outbreaks at U.S. hospitals reach new heights, germ-fighting heavyweight Clorox Healthcare is rolling out an innovative UV cleaning device for drug-resistant infections at healthcare facilities.

Samsung selects a trio of healthcare device winners in Malaysian innovation competition

Samsung has picked the three winners in its Solve For Tomorrow competition. All of them are healthcare devices; those selected share a prize of about $14,000 and get an opportunity to work with Samsung to further develop their products.

One win, one loss in Merck's PhIII double header for C. diff

Merck says that it's ready to apply for EU and U.S. marketing approval for the anti-infective bezlotoxumab, flagging a pivotal clinical success which arrived four years after the pharma giant launched its late-stage program. But the pharma giant also sounded taps for a related Phase III effort on actoxumab.