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Latest Headlines

GSK shingles shot might trump Merck's Zostavax, analysts say

Though GlaxoSmithKline is still waiting on late-stage results from its shingles vaccine, HZ/su, Cowen & Co. analysts say the GSK shot may just be better than Merck's Zostavax.

23andMe poaches another Genentech vet as it delves into biotech

23andMe, the Silicon Valley maker of personalized gene tests, has picked off another Genentech luminary to help it evolve into a biotech company, recruiting the famed drugmaker's head of bioinformatics.

Israeli scientist developing novel wound-closing laser

An Israeli scientist is developing a system to close wounds and surgical incisions via laser beam.

Medtronic tries again in renal denervation after previous trial failure

In the device world, "Symplicity" is synonymous with complexity and spectacular failure, after the surprising and miserable results from Medtronic's Symplicity HTN-3 clinical trial of its (supposedly) hypertension lowering renal denervation device. Despite the setback, the company is trying again.

AstraZeneca razes R&D facilities in Delaware

AstraZeneca's former R&D operations in Delaware, abandoned years ago in the pharma giant's ongoing restructuring and downsizing, are being razed.

BMJ: Novartis tried to 'scupper' trials to protect Lucentis from cheap Avastin

Did Novartis and Roche campaign against study data supporting cheap Avastin eye injections as a substitute for their own purpose-made vision drug Lucentis? The  BMJ  says they did, aiming to "undermine and divert attention" from trials pitting Lucentis against the much cheaper treatment. 

Ipsen barrels into Boston with a new R&D hub and a Harvard pact

French drugmaker Ipsen is the latest global giant turning to the Boston area for a leg up in R&D, cutting the ribbon on a Cambridge research center and breaking it in by signing a deal with Harvard University.

Roche celebrates promising study results for fetal blood test

Roche is touting results from a new study that shows its fetal blood test for Down syndrome works better than traditional screening tests in younger, low-risk pregnant women, a potential boon for the company as it looks to gain ground in a fiercely competitive prenatal testing market.

Genome Canada makes $24M pivot to bolster bioinformatics capabilities

Genome Canada is aiming to retool the country's genomics infrastructure by plowing $12.2 million in federal funding and a similar amount from other sources into 10 research centers.

PRA bets big on Phase I studies with a new outpost and global expansions

In its first big move since pulling off a $306 million IPO, PRA Health Sciences is stretching out its early-stage development efforts, expanding its Phase I heft around the world.