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Latest Headlines

Researchers implant brain-controlled prosthetic arm with sensation

A robotic prosthetic controlled by implanted neuromuscular interfaces has been demonstrated to be clinically successful in a patient for the first time. The researchers expect to treat more patients with novel technology this year. The results are reported in the latest issue of Science Translational Medicine.

AstraZeneca touts upbeat asthma data for key respiratory candidate

It's one step back, one step forward for AstraZeneca's key respiratory drug benralizumab.

Biotechs tap a swelling tide of investment cash to fund growing R&D ops

Biotech R&D is on a roll. For the third year in a row, the life sciences group at BDO has tracked a spike in R&D spending at a wide swath of public biotechs in the U.S. For drug developers with $50 million to $300 million in revenue, research budgets swelled 28%--to an average of $137 million--last year.

CoheroHealth to pilot asthma inhaler sensor and app at Mount Sinai Medical Center

Startup CoheroHealth, developer of the AsthmaHero app and spirometer for measuring the volume of air inhaled and exhaled by the lungs, will test its solution on 50 patients at New York City's Mount Sinai Medical Center.

Could 'space bacteria' help create vaccines?

The weightless microgravity environment of space can alter disease-causing bacteria as they grow--and that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Stanford researcher creating a novel device to study pain

Academics hope to enhance a new mouse model created to better understand how pain is transmitted in the body. Ada Poon, an assistant professor of electrical engineering at Stanford University, is working as part of a team to build a wireless device that incorporates existing optogenetics research.

With Roche's Herceptin, green tea component doubles drug accumulation in cancer cells

A team from the Singapore-based Agency for Science, Technology and Research has found that a component of green tea has the potential to act as a nano-sized drug delivery vehicle to encapsulate proteins used to fight cancer.

Three European companies will team to develop VLP vaccines for vet use

Artes Biotechnology, InstrAction and Q-Biologicals have teamed to develop a virus-like particle vaccine platform for use in veterinary applications.

Chimerix scores promising antiviral data from a controversy-fueled PhIII pilot

Chimerix reports that its pilot Phase III study of the powerful antiviral brincidofovir has posted promising preliminary data, cutting the risk of death from lethal adenovirus infections by as much as half or more.

NanoString teams up with Brigham and Women's Hospital for cancer Dx development

NanoString Technologies is teaming up with Brigham and Women's Hospital to study genomic biomarkers and develop diagnostic tests for cancer, furthering the company's plans for accelerated growth.