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Latest Headlines

'Hybrid' delivery vehicle gives DNA vaccines new potential

Researchers have developed a delivery vehicle that could help push DNA vaccines--those based on a small part of a microbe's genes--into a more prominent position and possibly into the market down the road.

Researchers develop 'Wi-Fi'-triggered dissolvable, implantable device for drug delivery

Researchers at Tufts University have come up with a resorbable electronic implant that when used in mice was able to be triggered remotely by wireless signal and deliver heat to infected tissue.

IDEXX aids in discovery of new biomarker to spot early kidney disease in cats

IDEXX Laboratories and Hill's Pet Nutrition teamed up with researchers at Oregon State University to develop a new biomarker, called SDMA. The scientist showed that the biomarker could spot kidney disease an average of 17 months earlier than currently used approaches--and in one case, a full four years earlier.

Five Prime hitches onto Bristol-Myers' blockbuster-in-waiting immunotherapy

Bristol-Myers Squibb has signed a deal with Five Prime Therapeutics to determine whether a combination of its star immuno-oncology contender and the biotech's antibody can make a difference in a range of cancers.

Amgen bails on a cancer contender that backfired in Phase III

Amgen is calling off all clinical studies on rilotumumab in advanced gastric cancer after a peek at Phase III data revealed that the drug was actually making matters worse for patients, further marring the value of the company's oncology pipeline.

Medidata and TransCelerate beat the drum for risk-based monitoring

Medidata and partner TransCelerate BioPharma, a nonprofit run by the world's largest drugmakers, are amplifying their call for clinical trial runners to embrace new technology, unveiling study results that support the adoption of risk-based monitoring.

Smartphone apps to assess mental health based on everyday behavior proliferating

Diagnostic smartphone apps are proliferating. No, these apps don't somehow turn the phone into a needle for drawing blood; instead they monitor stuff we take for granted, like talking or the movement of our eyes.

Cambrian raises $10M for DNA printing tech used by GSK

Proponents of DNA printing have heralded it as a way to do everything from bringing alien life back from Mars to delivering vaccines in the event of a pandemic. And the technology has attracted GlaxoSmithKline and Roche, both of which have taken an interest in Cambrian Genomics.

Novartis VC unit co-leads $53M investment in BioNano Genomics

BioNano Genomics has restocked its coffers to fund an assault on the genome analysis sector. The San Diego, CA-based genome mapping firm raised a $53 million war chest from Novartis' venture fund and other investors to accelerate uptake of its Irys DNA analysis device and accompanying software.

Indian startup develops low-cost, portable Dx for developing countries

Amid growing demand for portable, low-cost diagnostics, Indian startup Swasthya Slate is developing a device that could help reduce costs and improve outcomes for patients in developing countries.