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Latest Headlines

Google steps up wearables plan with clinical trial-focused wristband

Google has revealed its pitch to establish wearables as a cornerstone of clinical trials. The wristband health tracker is aimed squarely at the clinical trial and healthcare sectors, setting it apart from consumer-focused rivals from Apple and Fitbit.

Little NeuroRx boasts big about a new ketamine combo for bipolar depression

Once again, a tiny open-label study using the potent anesthetic ketamine has kicked up stellar data for combating depression, grabbing headlines in some prominent publications. But this time a small, largely unknown private biotech company has seized on the study to tout its potential for gaining an FDA approval for a unique combination of drugs aimed at achieving a quick yet durable response for bipolar patients.

Google and the Broad Institute join forces for genomic data sharing

Google is teaming up with The Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard to create new ways of sharing genomic data and reduce barriers associated with storing and processing genetic information.

MERS getting more attention as vaccine candidate enters PhI

As the MERS outbreak in South Korea continues to unfold, scientists at Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich are ushering a candidate vaccine into clinical trials with hopes of a winner.

Top 10 med tech R&D budgets in 2014

The largest med tech companies wield a huge amount of cash to funnel into R&D. The top 10 largest R&D spenders in med tech spent a whopping $10.78 billion on developing new medical devices and diagnostics last year. That's a decline of 2%.

Broad Institute bags $20M for drug-resistant TB research

As the drug-resistant tuberculosis epidemic rages on, The Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard got a $20 million gift to develop new diagnostic and therapeutic approaches for the disease. Bill Ackman, CEO of Pershing Square, and Seth Klarman, president of The Baupost Group, rallied more than 20 investors to raise the funds.

Langer startup SQZ hopes to spark a tech revolution in immuno-oncology

Another one of Robert Langer's former grad students at MIT has leveraged a lab project into a new and fast-growing biotech. A mentoring relationship with the hyper-entrepreneurial star scientist and MIT's Klavs Jensen has put Armon Sharei at the head of a small biotech upstart--Boston-based SQZ Biotech--that hopes to largely replace decades of work on viral vectors with a new technology that's designed to quickly and easily put "stuff" inside a cell.

Vical posts herpes vaccine PhI/II failure, gutting shares

After suffering a Phase III immunotherapy flop in 2013 and restructuring, Vical delivered another piece of damaging news on Monday that sent the company's shares into penny stock territory.

Google takes deeper dive into med tech with health-tracking wristband

Google has not wasted any time since launching its life sciences division group a couple of years ago, sinking funds into med tech projects to expand its reach in wearable health. Now the company is charging full speed ahead with one of its initiatives, developing a health-tracking wristband device with its eye on FDA approval.

Smart patch to monitor glucose, secrete insulin shows promise in preclinical study

Researchers at the University of North Carolina and North Carolina State are developing a smart insulin patch that could be worn for a few days and effectively monitor blood glucose levels to trigger the secretion of insulin. An artificial pancreas in a patch, if you will.