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Latest Headlines

Bioartificial adrenal device readies to follow bioartificial pancreas into the clinic

Startup Beta-O2 Technologies already has a bioartificial pancreas in a tiny three-person clinical trial. Now, it has preclinical data for its next device that uses the same implantable bioreactor technology with a new cell type--the βAir Bio-artificial Adrenal system.

Lilly extends study of highly anticipated cholesterol fighter

Eli Lilly says it will extend the massive Phase III trial for its highly anticipated drug candidate evacetrapib, a CETP inhibitor that works to lower LDL, or "bad," cholesterol levels and raise HDL, or "good," cholesterol levels, by 6 months.

Biotech IPOs slump as Inotek comes in low and Carbylan strikes out

The frothy market for biotech debuts is looking a bit less promising this week as one entrant priced well below its hoped-for range and another called off its IPO altogether.

Lilly delays its high-risk 'good' cholesterol trial with IMPROVE-IT in mind

Eli Lilly is extending its massive Phase III trial on a new cardio drug by 6 months in what the company says is a reaction to some recent developments in science.

Regeneron's Eylea beats Roche's Lucentis in new head-to-head study

Regeneron's eye drug Eylea picked up steam against two competing products from Roche, as the first head-to-head study comparing the meds found that Eylea outperformed Lucentis and Avastin in treating moderate to severe vision loss in patients with diabetic macular edema.

Ferring bags PhIII assets to beef up orthopedic pipeline

Ferring Pharmaceuticals has snapped up the assets of BioSurface Engineering Technologies to add a pair of Phase III-ready orthopedic candidates to its pipeline. Both treatments are designed to improve bone repair.

Nonprofit gives £30M to turn 'golden triangle' into Alzheimer's drug discovery hub

Nonprofit Alzheimer's Research UK has unveiled a £30 million ($46 million) push to turn the heartland of British life sciences into a hotbed of R&D for Alzheimer's disease and other dementias. The plan is to task ex-pharma staffers and other researchers with creating a pipeline of clinical-phase assets from within labs at universities in Cambridge, London and Oxford.

Gates Foundation, WHO fund synthetic polio vaccine development

Only a few hundred cases of polio are reported each year, but a synthetic vaccine could be the key to eradicate it for good. Scientists are teaming up to develop a synthetic vaccine in an effort to address some limitations of the existing oral vaccine.

NIH-backed researchers map epigenome of 100+ tissue and cell types

Researchers supported by the National Institutes of Health Common Fund's Roadmap Epigenomics Program have successfully mapped the epigenomes of 127 types of human cells and tissues. This bridges the basic charting of the human genome by filling in the specificities on which parts of it are involved in making a particular kind of cell.

The Apple Watch won't keep the doctor away: Advanced health features get cut prior to launch

"One of the biggest surprises people are going to have when they start using it is the breadth of what it will do," Apple CEO Tim Cook recently said about the upcoming Apple Watch. Too bad the smartwatch's functionalities won't include stress monitors, an electrocardiogram or a blood pressure monitor.