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Latest Headlines

Third Rock's Jounce bags $56M to hit the gas in immuno-oncology

While Merck and Bristol-Myers Squibb grab global headlines with treatments designed to make it harder for cancer to hide from the immune system, Cambridge, MA's Jounce Therapeutics is coming at it from the other end, crafting a therapy that revs up the body's natural defenses to attack tumors. And the promise of that idea helped the biotech rope in a massive $56 million B round, cash that will help get its top prospect into clinical trials.

Sinovac to trial jab with potential to disrupt Pfizer in China

Chinese vaccines producer Sinovac laid out big R&D plans this week to test multiple candidates--one of which has the potential to challenge Big Pharma's standing in the country.

UPDATED: Dog data at AACR cancer confab may point to personalized treatments

At the annual meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research, researchers presented a gene expression model that veterinarians can use to predict how dogs with osteosarcoma will respond to the commonly used chemo drug doxorubicin, which could help both human and canine cancer patients.

MaxCyte buys into CAR-T with Johns Hopkins partnership

Maryland biotech MaxCyte is delving into the world of CAR-T treatments for cancer, teaming up with Johns Hopkins University on a preclinical program.

Swedish med tech player Getinge gets $172M loan from EU bank to develop new devices

Swedish medical technology company Getinge has secured a €160 million loan ($172 million) to support its research and development activities from the European Investment Bank under a program tasked with invigorating R&D activity in the EU.

Astellas dives into immuno-oncology with a sweeping biotech deal

Japanese pharma giant Astellas is entering the booming field of immuno-oncology, pairing up with Cambridge, MA's Potenza Therapeutics to work on a wide variety of treatments that use the body's natural defenses to combat cancer.

Biogen gives Roche 'renewed confidence' in its own failed Alzheimer's drugs

Biogen turned heads around the industry last month with early data in which its plaque-destroying Alzheimer's treatment had a significant effect on patients' cognition, bucking a vexing trend for such antibodies. Among those paying close attention was Roche, which is now re-examining a pair of once-failed treatments.

Quest joins forces with French health agency for BRCA research initiative

Quest Diagnostics is teaming up with France's national health agency to create an expanded database for breast and ovarian cancer gene research, allowing diagnostics outfits and labs to sift through a trove of genetic information to improve outcomes for patients.

Juno's CAR-T contender comes through in another Phase I leukemia study

Juno Therapeutics' in-development cancer immunotherapy notched a 91% complete remission rate in a small trial on children with a form of leukemia, an incremental victory for the company as it rolls into late-stage trials.

Alnylam's star RNAi drug keeps the pace on the way to Phase III

Alnylam's lead RNAi treatment continued to prevent nerve damage tied to a rare disease in an ongoing Phase II study, paving the path for late-stage development.