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VBI Vaccines scores up to $265,000 from Canadian organization for RSV vaccine

Canada's National Research Council-Industrial Research Assistance Program has awarded VBI Vaccines up to CA$350,000 ($265,000) to apply VBI's viruslike particle technology in the development of an RSV vaccine, the company announced on Tuesday.

Cofactor Genomics chases consumer testing with RNA diagnostic

Startup Cofactor Genomics is getting in on the consumer testing craze, developing an innovative RNA-based diagnostic to cash in on a rapidly growing market and challenge business models laid out by rivals.

Researchers developing new communication technique for wearable devices

Researchers at the University of California are developing a novel wireless communication technique, dubbed magnetic field human body communication.

Bristol-Myers' latest PD-1 win could pave the path to earlier use

Bristol Myers-Squibb, a leader among companies at work in immuno-oncology, is pressing for wider use of its lead treatment with new data showing the injected drug could succeed as part of a first-line treatment in lung cancer.

Johns Hopkins partners with Israeli digital health startup incubator

The Johns Hopkins University and Luminox Health, a digital health startup hub based in Israel, have signed a multi-year deal to work together to co-develop new digital health technology products. The pair expect to be able to enhance funding access and accelerate development for the resulting companies.

NASA scientists turbocharge 3-D imaging device for minimally invasive surgeries

Scientists at NASA are developing a new tool that could produce 3-D images from inside the brain, allowing surgeons to see tissue in greater detail while eliminating barriers typically associated with minimally invasive brain surgery.

Novartis, Google shoot to have smart contact lenses in clinic in 2016

Swiss drugmaker Novartis has been on a med tech roll this past year, forging ahead with multiple projects to gain ground in the industry. And at least one of those initiatives, a "smart" contact lens that it's developing with tech titan Google, is already starting to bear fruit.

Columbia U. team delivers small liquid drug doses to the lungs for targeted treatment

A team of researchers at Columbia University has developed a method of drug delivery to the lungs that could lead to more efficient dosing for many kinds of lung diseases using microvolume liquid concentrations. By delivering drugs directly to the disease site, treatment can be relegated to the necessary areas without causing dangerous side effects in other nearby organs.

Purdue puts up $213M for a novel pain drug from VM Pharma

Chronic pain giant Purdue Pharma signed a deal worth as much as $213 million to get its hands on a VM Pharma treatment that could widen the company's portfolio beyond traditional opioid drugs.

Geron jumps as its J&J-partnered cancer drug shows promise in Phase II

Long-troubled drug developer Geron is touting what it calls "unprecedented" early results for its lead cancer drug, sending the biotech's share price up as it moves forward with partner Johnson & Johnson.