Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Quintiles beefs up its risk-based monitoring tech

Quintiles has rewired its risk-based monitoring service to include analytics technology the CRO says can better predict pressure points in clinical trials, touting its new offering as the first of its kind.

Merck KGaA hustling a promising anti-malaria drug into human studies

Scientists in Scotland have been grabbing headlines with news that their preclinical research into an experimental single-dose antimalaria compound has shown real promise, spurring Merck KGaA to pick up the development and commercialization rights.

NIH finds sand fly saliva may be the key to leishmaniasis vaccine

Researchers at the National Institutes of Health reported that a leishmaniasis vaccine based on sand fly saliva has worked well in monkeys. 

Connecticut company wins grant to deploy stem cells for organ regeneration

MultiClonal Therapeutics has been awarded a $750,000 grant to develop personalized therapies for chronic lung diseases like COPD.

Lilly calls in some academic muscle to get its cancer pipeline moving

Eli Lilly inked a pair of deals with Harvard's Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and the Sarah Cannon Research Institute to hit the gas on oncology R&D, aiming to shorten the development process for a slew of new medicines.

GVK inks a deep biotech deal as it rebuilds its reputation

India's GVK BioSciences, marred by a data scandal, has signed an exclusive deal with Swedish drug developer Medivir, agreeing to handle the bulk of the biotech's chemistry work.

GlaxoSmithKline budgets $95M to launch a 'living genome' drug research institute

The struggling GlaxoSmithKline is committing more than $95 million in cash and added resources over the next 5 years to launch a new nonprofit institute in Seattle that will explore the "living genome" for new insights into the ways that cells function in search of a new generation of drugs to put into the clinic.

Irish startup Neuravi raises $21M to get stroke stent retrieval device through pivotal trial

The biopharma industry has worked for decades to find an effective treatment for acute ischemic stroke with minimal success. At least 5 clinical trials over a recent 6-month period have now found that removing clots using a class of devices known as stent retrievers is an effective treatment for stroke.

Aerie Pharma shares soar as FDA lowers the hurdle for PhIII

Last spring, as Aerie Pharmaceuticals execs rushed to man the ramparts as its share price tanked following the failure of its glaucoma drug Rhopressa, the company insisted that a slight change to its late-stage program would have been enough to get them over the goal line. So this morning, in a head-snapping turnaround, shares jumped 50% as the FDA proved amenable to making some changes that might let another Phase III trial succeed.

Kite taps Adimab to lend a hand in CAR-T R&D

Kite Pharma, at work on therapies that use the immune system to fight cancer, paired up with Adimab to expand its R&D efforts.