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Latest Headlines

Digital documents: Can electronic tools ease biopharma's clinical trial file headaches?

Clinical trials have increased in complexity over the past decade, with sponsors working with an increasing number of sites, countries and service providers. These massive globalized studies place new strains on the organization of essential study documents, collectively known as the trial master file. 

Here are the 16 brain trauma R&D efforts funded by the NFL and GE

GE and the NFL have named 16 winners in the first stage of its "Head Health Challenge"--a competition that awards each winner $300,000 to further their work in diagnosis and treatment for mild traumatic brain injury. Here are the 16 companies and research efforts that won initial grants in a partnership that proposes to put $50 million into concussion imaging technology.

Covance adding 100 jobs in U.K. nutrition expansion

Covance is betting on a boom in the demand for nutritional chemistry and food safety services, planning to cut the ribbon on a 10,000-square-foot lab in the U.K.

Amgen notches another PhIII win for its PCSK9 blockbuster hopeful

Amgen's promising PCSK9 candidate cleared another Phase III hurdle, this time in statin-intolerant patients, as the company piles up positive data with hopes of taking the lion's share of what could be a multibillion-dollar market.

Pfizer's pain med clears PhIII as long-delayed Remoxy waits in the wings

Pfizer posted some promising top-line results for a Phase III pain drug, an abuse-resistant formulation of oxycodone that sounds quite a bit like Remoxy, the long-delayed treatment codeveloped with Pain Therapeutics. 

J&J carves out a new group to develop drugs for poor countries

Big Pharma never lost the black eye it earned over the years for neglecting the diseases of poor countries as the industry catered largely to the needs of the developed world. But some of its biggest players are trying.

NIH backs New York MERS-CoV vaccine development program

While the death toll from Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus is now into the 70s, the situation is better than some feared, with the Hajj pilgrimage passing without incident. Drug combinations have had limited success against the virus though, prompting researchers to push ahead with development of vaccines.

Merck KGaA takes the long view on troubled pharma biz

A series of setbacks has made things tough for Merck KGaA's drug development operation, but CEO Karl-Ludwig Kley said the German company remains committed to the long-term promise of its pharma wing.

Boehringer, Zealand hit reset on GLP-1 diabetes program

After more than two years of work on a GLP-1-targeting diabetes drug, partners Boehringer Ingelheim and Zealand Pharma are planning to start over, hitting the brakes on their program and looking to move on with a to-be-determined new compound.

Rooted delivery vehicles use electric charge and gravity to release drugs over time

Researchers have found that gravity and electrostatics are two important factors at play between cell membranes and drug reservoirs. With these new findings, the scientists hope to create systems that deliver cancer drugs slowly and continuously.