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Latest Headlines

DaVita's in-house CRO stretches out across Europe

DaVita Clinical Research, which handles outsourced trials for the kidney care giant, is expanding its European presence, bringing in global experts to extend its network of R&D sites.

Pioneering microbiome upstart Seres Therapeutics targets a $100M IPO

Microbiome pioneer Seres Therapeutics is taking its promising lead therapy and the high expectations for an emerging field in biotech and heading to Wall Street, where it hopes to raise $100 million in an IPO that is likely to provide another litmus test of investors' appetite for new drug technologies.

Atlas' Padlock scoops up some GlaxoSmithKline assets in autoimmunity

Padlock Therapeutics, an Atlas Venture-seeded biotech startup, grabbed the rights to some potential drugs developed by GlaxoSmithKline, widening its arsenal of assets as it chases a novel approach to autoimmune disease.

Lilly and Zealand scrap diabetes, obesity R&D collaboration

Eli Lilly and Zealand Pharma have scrapped their diabetes and obesity-focused R&D collaboration. The companies teamed up in 2013 to explore using novel peptides to treat Type 2 diabetes and obesity, but 21 months later have decided there is no point pursuing the program.

A well-connected Pronutria revs up amino acid research with $39M C round

Cambridge, MA-based Pronutria, a graduate of Flagship's VentureLabs that recently attracted some high-profile R&D talent, has put the finishing touches to a $39 million C round designed to advance a pipeline of therapeutic-strength amino acid drugs in the clinic.

NSF backs personalized, virtual heart model and robot-cell hybrids as part of $250M quest

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has given a total of $8.75 million in 5-year grants to two sets of academic researchers working on medical and cyber-physical systems. One is pursuing a computational model to test how a specific patient's heart will interact with a particular cardiac medical device, while the other is working to combine nano-scale robotics with synthetically designed biological organisms.

Scientists push back against cancer hereditary genetic tests in NEJM paper

The U.S. Supreme Court ruling invalidating two of Myriad Genetics' patents for BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes opened the door for competition from companies such as Invitae and Illumina. But now, companies producing the tests are facing pushback from international scientists saying the tools should not be offered to patients until more is known about them.

Biocartis to develop respiratory panel tests with Fast-track diagnostics

Fast-track diagnostics will develop assays for use on Biocartis' Idylla testing platform, which searches for multiple pathogens following a single test, or what's known as syndromic multiplex testing.

Bluebird widens its CAR-T ambitions with a $130M Five Prime deal

Bluebird bio, already making headlines with its promising gene therapy, is expanding its efforts in immuno-oncology, pairing up with Five Prime Therapeutics to develop cell therapies for cancer.

CAR-T powerhouse Juno allies with gene-editing upstart Editas in $737M deal

One of the leaders of the CAR-T revolution has now aligned itself in an R&D collaboration with one of the top biotechs to emerge in the hot gene editing field. Juno Therapeutics is tying the knot with Editas on three programs, handing over $47 million in an upfront payment and three years of research support along with up to $690 million in milestones.