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Latest Headlines

EY: R&D budgets soar as cash-laden biotechs spend big on research

While the world's biopharma players are still working to solve the problem of R&D productivity, they're hardly being stingy in the process. R&D spending across the industry leapt 14% last year, according to EY, a sharp rebound reflecting renewed optimism among drug developers and their investors.

New device uses smartphone to diagnose adrenal gland diseases

Smartphone technology is picking up steam as a viable diagnostic tool, and a new device that uses the technology could help physicians diagnose and monitor adrenal gland diseases.

Flying alert device, ingested drug sensor and bionic suit may be the future of med tech

What's the future of med tech? Here's a look at some of the most outlandish and perhaps forward-thinking devices in the works.

Isis is in the spotlight--and maybe crosshairs--after gene breakthrough

Antisense specialist Isis Pharmaceuticals has made it all the way to mid-stage trials with ISIS-APOCIII, targeting patients with a rare ailment that leads to dangerously high triglycerides. But that candidate is looking all the more promising in light of two major studies linking its target to reduced rates of heart attack, saddling the biotech with a potential blockbuster.

Bristol-Myers toes the next hep C frontier: a four-week cure

Gilead Sciences' Sovaldi has broken sales records thanks to its ability to cure hepatitis C with an effective, if costly, 12-week regimen. But rivals believe there's plenty of room in the market for a speedier solution, and Bristol-Myers Squibb plans to use its ex-partner's blockbuster to craft a four-week contender.

After three strikes, Sanofi gives up on Merrimack's cancer drug

Sanofi is breaking it off with oncology partner Merrimack Pharmaceuticals, handing back full rights to MM-121, a treatment that has three times failed to hit the mark in midstage studies.

Kite Pharma rides the CAR-T current to a $128M IPO

Biotech upstart Kite Pharma made its Wall Street debut Friday, pulling off an upsized IPO on the strength of investor fervor over a novel, headline-making approach to treating cancer.

J&J Innovation spotlights its slate of new biotech deals

When Johnson & Johnson Innovation debuted about a year ago, R&D chief Paul Stoffels promised to build an interconnected, global operation that would sink some deep roots into the world's busiest biotech hubs. On Thursday, the group showed off just how far it had come in a short time.

Scripps chief says patients' interests are med tech's biggest challenge

Head of the Scripps Translational Science Institute Eric Topol--a distinguished cardiologist and genomic researcher--says that med tech can make medicine more transparent, as well as help patients make more informed decisions.

J&J Innovation shows off its new summer lineup of biotech deals

Johnson & Johnson Innovation has announced a slate of a dozen new deals, ranging from fresh research collaborations to new investments in a range of upstart drug and device developers--all aimed at putting the multinational pharma giant on the cutting edge of new product development.