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Latest Headlines

Vertex, Bristol-Myers mix pills for Phase II study in hepatitis C

Vertex Pharmaceuticals has found another ally as the company plays catch up in the race to advance all-oral therapies against hepatitis C. Vertex and Bristol-Myers Squibb have agreed to combine experimental compounds to test in Phase II trials, the first of which will kick off during the current fiscal quarter.

Sarepta sustains high hopes for DMD drug eteplirsen with more PhII data

Sarepta Therapeutics spotlighted continued benefits of treatment with its lead drug eteplirsen today in one of the most closely watched Phase IIb studies in the biotech industry.

AstraZeneca reports hit-and-miss PhIII for arthritis pill

The London drug giant missed one out of two main goals for the study of fostamatinib, leaving the prospects of the candidate open to skepticism after it fell short of matching the efficacy of AbbVie's Humira in an earlier mid-stage trial.

Booming Regeneron to hire 400 staffers in big R&D expansion

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals has rolled out plans to add about 400 new workers to its fast-growing staff after it builds two new facilities, adding 300,000 square feet of lab and office space to its sprawling campus in New York state.

Pfizer fails to block $142M Neurontin award, faces 2 more suits

Pfizer's potential liability on off-label Neurontin use just grew: A U.S. appeals court in Boston upheld a $142 million verdict in one lawsuit and reinstated two others that had been tossed out by lower courts--including a class action that could allow hundreds of health plans to pursue claims against the company

Navidea touts PhIII data on Lymphoseek for head and neck cancer

After winning a long-delayed FDA approval for Lymphoseek, Navidea is working to get the diagnostic aid approved for head and neck cancers, touting positive top-line results from a Phase III trial.

JAMA paper delves into Merck staph vaccine flunk

A paper in  JAMA  has revealed details of the Merck Staphylococcus aureus   vaccine trial that was stopped early in 2011 amid safety concerns. The vaccine was no more effective than a placebo, and was associated with a rise in multiorgan failure.

Celgene-backed Agios and Foundation partner in breakthrough cancer strategy

Agios has teamed up with Foundation Medicine to find patients with the genetic profiles most suited to treatment on Agios therapies concerning two cancer metabolism targets.

AstraZeneca takes a chance with AlphaCore buyout

In another early-stage bet, AstraZeneca's MedImmune unit acquired the biotech AlphaCore Pharma. The deal comes as AstraZeneca ($AZN) reboots a floundering R&D effort and adds a recombinant LCAT enzyme therapy from AlphaCore that could combat cardiovascular disease.

Autism argument again undermined by vaccine data

A lot of the current vitriol aimed at vaccines can be traced back to reports ofautism links in the 1990s. The association has remained lodged in the minds of many even as research has discredited the original paper, and consistently found no link between vaccines and autism.