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Latest Headlines

Icon begins pivotal late-stage trial of sustained-release postsurgery cataract treatment

Icon Biosciences has advanced its sustained-release therapy for inflammation after cataract surgery to a pivotal late-stage study. With one injection postsurgery, Icon's platform releases anti-inflammatory drugs that currently require multiple topical applications daily.

Direct injection of drugs to back of eye shows potential

Clearside Biomedical presented human and animal study data showing the benefits of directly injecting medication into the eye's posterior suprachoroidal space at the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology 2014 annual meeting in Orlando, FL.

Double-locked virus needs two enzyme 'keys' to release drugs

Researchers at Rice University in Texas have developed a new kind of drug delivery particle: a "tunable" virus that releases a treatment only in the presence of not one but two different enzymes that show elevated levels at the site of a tumor.

The top R&D spenders in biopharma in 2013

Over the past few years, the bottom-line number on R&D spending among the big 10 pharma companies--about $70 billion--has remained about the same. But behind the steady collective figure lies...

Novel glaucoma drug delivery platform described at ARVO conference

Startup Envisia Therapeutics is presenting the results of its ophthalmology research and technology allowing intracameral drug delivery at the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology 2014 annual meeting in Orlando, FL. 

Harvard's mock-marrow device could replace animal testing

Harvard's Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering has come up with another organ-on-a-chip, this time mimicking the complex structure of bone marrow on a small, microfluidic device.

Naurex picks up $25M to get its depression drugs through PhII

Evanston, IL's Naurex nailed down another $25 million in venture funding to accelerate its two-pronged depression program, posting positive midstage results for its top prospect.

Global R&D centers brace for new blows as Pfizer circles AstraZeneca

When Pfizer set out to lobby for its proposed buyout of AstraZeneca, CEO Ian Read made a point of reassuring Britain's political establishment that it will keep a large portion of R&D operations in the U.K. But it never bothered to clarify what its plans are in Sweden.

Guess who wants a bite of the med tech 'apple'?

Hirings made public on LinkedIn are shedding light on notoriously secretive Apple's plans to enter the med tech arena.

AstraZeneca's tarnished R&D image haunts its fight against Pfizer

Up to now about the only reason any serious analyst could justify Pfizer's interest in AstraZeneca's pipeline centered on its early-stage work in immuno-oncology. But the U.K.'s Sky News city editor says that the company will be highlighting all of its "hidden gems" in long-term development as a solid reason why investors should give Pfizer's $106 billion buyout offer a pass.