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Latest Headlines

India's Biocon promises Herceptin biosim launch by fiscal year-end

Roche could have Indian competition for Herceptin sooner than it thought. Now that the Swiss drugmaker has decided to forego a patent fight over the breast cancer drug in India, domestic drugmakers are rubbing their hands together in anticipation.

Oramed recruits patients for Type 1 diabetes oral insulin trial

Israeli oral drug delivery developer Oramed began recruiting patients for a clinical trial of its oral insulin pill for patients with Type 1 diabetes mellitus.

Study: Insulin pumps improve glycemic control in children with diabetes

A new Australian 7-year study showed that insulin pumps improved glycemic control and reduced hypoglycemia compared with insulin injections among children with Type I diabetes. It was the largest study of insulin pump use in children and had the longest follow-up period of any study to date.

Blood samples may aid suicide risk prediction

Scientists at the Indiana University School of Medicine said they've spotted 6 blood-based clues they believe could serve as viable predictors of suicide, led by the enzyme SAT1.

Acutus Medical closes $28M round for arrhythmia mapping device

Plans are in place to use the money to back development of the company's 3-D mapping system designed to spot the source of irregular heartbeats and guide treatment.

Analyst to Merck: Get to work chopping costs, preferably $1B-plus

When Merck cut its sales guidance last month, market-watchers predicted cost cuts. Soon, executives would be sharpening their scalpels--or heavier instruments--to compensate. After all, generic competition isn't going away, and the company's pipeline has taken some embarrassing hits of late.

Analyst urges Merck to overhaul its weak $8B R&D operation

During Merck's last quarterly call, R&D chief Roger Perlmutter discussed cautiously reducing R&D spending by about $144 million this year. But Leerink Swann's Seamus Fernandez thinks a major restructuring is in order.

TB markers freed by lung degradation boost treatment promise

Fragments freed by the breakdown of the lungs' key proteins in tuberculosis patients may prove to be promising new biomarkers for the disease in a number of ways, U.K. and South African researchers have concluded in a new study.

Pfizer spares painkiller Remoxy from R&D chopping block

In a move that boosted the fortunes of two biotech outfits, Pfizer has elected to continue development of the tamper-resistant painkiller Remoxy with a planned Phase I study, Nasdaq reported.

Two teams advance artificial pancreas work in quest for better diabetes care

Two research teams, in separate projects, hope to advance the development of a viable artificial pancreas system through a smartphone app and a wireless sensor placed in blood vessels.