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Latest Headlines

NC startup envisions growing replacement corneas

A new North Carolina startup is focused on developing replacement corneas from banked donor cells and scaffolds.

Boehringer tosses back rights to one of Lilly's key PhIII diabetes programs

Around the same time Eli Lilly and Boehringer Ingelheim were boasting of a slate of Phase III successes for their critical diabetes therapy empagliflozin, the two pharma giants put out the word that they were parting ways on another key partnership for a diabetes drug that also figured prominently in their big R&D pact.

Great Basin's $9.5M Series B will support staph Dx trials

Great Basin Corp. reeled in $9.5 million in new Series B financing that the company plans to use to use to boost clinical trial efforts for a new DNA staphylococcus diagnostic test. Manufacturing expansion will also gain a crucial boost, thanks to the funding.

A year after $11B buyout, Gilead holds inside track with blockbuster Hep C program

During the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference last year, biotech insiders were abuzz about blockbuster buyouts involving all-oral drug combos against hepatitis C. As this year's meeting gets into full swing this morning, Gilead Sciences ($GILD) has provided hep C updates that suggest its huge wager on experimental drugs in this field is on track to start paying off.

Boehringer, Lilly tout late-stage data on key diabetes drug

Eli Lilly ($LLY) and its close diabetes drug development partner Boehringer Ingelheim laid out a slate of positive late-stage data for its diabetes treatment empagliflozin.

Biotech buyout buzz swells as industry's dealmakers flock to J.P. Morgan confab

E&Y's report today highlighted a growing financial weakness among Big Pharma companies as Big Biotech has begun to flex its growing muscles at the deal table, but everyone expects the multinationals to continue to play the starring role when it comes to the biggest deal stories of the coming year.

Cellular Dynamics signs on with AstraZeneca for drug discovery

Cellular Dynamics has struck a deal with AstraZeneca, agreeing to provide stem cells for AZ's drug-discovery efforts.

Amicus jumps on upbeat data for Pompe drug

Amicus Therapeutics revealed its success in a small midstage study of its drug to enhance enzyme therapy in patients with the rare genetic disorder Pompe disease. On the back of the upbeat data, the biotech company's shares recovered some of the lost ground from news last month of a Phase III failure for its lead candidate.

Merck CEO joins hunt for 'lots' of new drug deals

While many of its big rivals have been wheeling and dealing over the last few years, Merck has largely been quietly focused on absorbing Schering-Plough into its global system.

With MarginProbe on the market, Dune Medical sees bright future

The success of Dune Medical Devices and its now-FDA-approved cancer tool device has sparked rumors of buyouts or an IPO, but the company's CEO says it's planning to grow organically, commercializing MarginProbe and eyeing lucrative applications for other cancers.