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Latest Headlines

ImmunoGen bags ADC deal with Novartis

Antibody-drug conjugate superstar ImmunoGen has signed another agreement to lend its targeted drug technology to Novartis for an undisclosed cancer therapy.

Researchers hit Alzheimer's 'turning point' with new target

U.K. scientists have charted a new path in attacking Alzheimer's disease, concocting an oral formulation that halted brain tissue death in mice and giving hope for a fresh weapon against biotech's memory-robbing white whale.

Celladon, Xencor bid for $155M in red-hot IPO market

Celladon and Xencor have cast lines into the still-blazing biotech IPO scene, seeking a combined $155.3 million and betting that the recent Wall Street excitement for drug developers will hold firm.

MacroGenics shares soar on glittering $80M IPO debut

MacroGenics priced its upsized IPO on the high end of its range today, only to see its shares soar more than 50% on the biotech's debut.

Google visionaries ready to invest a fortune in revolutionizing aging process

When the founders of global search leviathan Google stepped up recently to provide a few tidbits of information about their new biotech startup Calico, industry execs eagerly soaked up as much information on it as they could find--which wasn't much. 

Heart drug developer Trevena jumps into biotech IPO game with $86M pitch

The King of Prussia, PA-based biotech says it was the first developer to get into the clinic with a GPCR biased ligand, a program which was inspired in part by scientific founder and Nobel Prize winner Robert Lefkowitz. Alta Partners, New Enterprise Associates, Polaris Venture Partners and HealthCare Ventures, as well as Forest Laboratories have all invested in the company, which has burned through more than $67 million dollars in the past 6 years to get to this stage.

Skin may conceal a viable Parkinson's biomarker

Spotting early-stage Parkinson's disease is a major goal, because it could be key to developing treatments that stop, or at least slow its progression. But where can you reliably find the best biomarker to accomplish this? It might be just under the skin, researchers from Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center have concluded.

MacroGenics upsizes IPO offering in bid for $92M windfall

MacroGenics is looking for a bigger payday when it goes public, upping its offering and share price with eyes on an $80 million IPO amid a bubbling market for biotechs.

U.S.-based scientists win Nobel Prize for cell transport exploration

Three scientists working currently in the U.S. won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine this week for their exploration of cells' vesicle transport systems, which deliver necessary cargo from one place to another in an intricate, scheduled manner.

Arrowhead enrolls RNAi-based hep B trial, plans $60M private offering

This week, Arrowhead Research announced the completion of its enrollment for a Phase I RNAi-based hepatitis B trial as well as a planned $60 million private offering.