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Latest Headlines

AstraZeneca picks Tufts for outsourcing-heavy neuro program

AstraZeneca is casting a wide net across industry and academia for its nearly all outsourced neuroscience unit, now looping in Tufts University's School of Medicine to help develop therapies for ailments like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

Spongelike insulin delivery material mimics healthy pancreas in diabetics

To mimic the release of insulin by a healthy pancreas, researchers at the University of North Carolina have created a spongelike substance that surrounds an insulin core and releases the protein when triggered by a rise in blood sugar.

Plaque buildup trajectory may serve as a clue for Alzheimer's

University of Pennsylvania researchers and others believe that earlier prediction of Alzheimer's disease may be possible by measuring amyloid plaque progression and patterning in the brain over time, rather than the end result.

Math models tailor drug delivery using patient DNA

Researchers from the U.S. and China have developed statistical models that simulate a drug's reaction in a patient, an innovation that could help deliver treatments to specific disease targets.

FDA deals Merck another setback for anesthesia drug sugammadex

Merck's struggling R&D group has been hit with yet another delay in its long and costly quest to gain an FDA approval for sugamaddex.

How Regeneron's Yancopoulos became the top-paid executive in biotech

Dr. George Yancopoulos is the highest paid biopharma executive in the world. In interviews with company leaders at Regeneron, FierceBiotech has learned more about why the company rewarded its chief scientist with a pay package of $81.6 million. Read more >>

$350M batch of biotech IPOs to test investors' appetite for risk

Just how much of an appetite is there for biotech IPOs? The industry may well find out over the next 8 days, with 6 new offerings slated to roll out. And 5 of them are expected to fall in a two-day period in the middle of next week.

China's corruption watchdogs eye 4 more drugmakers

The news about GlaxoSmithKline's activities in China is getting more dramatic by the day. But now, the British drugmaker can take comfort in the fact that it's not alone. 

NEA invests $4.3M in Cartiva's joint replacement work

Cartiva, developer of a cartilage replacement implant for osteoarthritis patients, pulled in $4.3 million in new financing from the investment firm NEA.

Carmat's artificial heart looks to cows for efficacy

Carmat is blazing a trail toward a functional artificial heart, and the company's so-far success comes thanks to bovine tissue used to get around the clotting problems that plagued synthetic devices past.