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Latest Headlines

Harvard gets DARPA grant to develop soft, mobility exosuit

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency awarded Harvard University engineers up to $2.9 billion to develop a robotic suit to make walking easier for soldiers and potentially civilians with disabilities, the university announced today.

Roche abandons another Fragile X R&D program after PhII trials flunk out

A long, rough patch in Fragile X syndrome drug R&D just got longer and rougher. Roche has notified patient groups that both of its mid-stage studies for RG7090--an mGluR5 therapy--failed to hit the primary and secondary goals, prompting the pharma giant to shut down the program.

Gates Foundation adds $50M to help speed Ebola drug development efforts

As government health agencies and industry players ramp up efforts to bring experimental therapies as quickly as possible to people affected by the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation said Wednesday that it is putting up $50 million to aid drug development and outbreak response efforts.

Microneedle patch delivers painkiller to second layer of skin in 5 minutes

Researchers in Singapore have developed a microneedle patch capable of delivering the painkiller lidocaine with just 5 minutes of application, a far cry from the 45 minutes they say is required of those commercially available now.

HIV-fighting intravaginal ring research nets $20M from NIH

The U.S. National Institutes of Health devoted $20 million to develop an HIV drug-delivering intravaginal ring. The design of a successful ring is a priority in HIV research, and the sustained release of drugs the ring offers could eventually play a crucial role in HIV prevention in the developing world.

Seaweed-based suppository shows promise delivering antiretrovirals during sex

Researchers have designed a novel suppository for HIV antiretroviral delivery using the seaweed extract carrageenan. Almost half of the antiretroviral drug tenofovir diffused out of the delivery mechanism within the first two hours in an in vitro study testing the product in  water, vaginal simulant fluid and semen simulant fluid. 

R&D pioneer tackles the next hurdle in gene therapy: Paying for $1M-plus drugs

Over the last few years, new vector technology has helped inspire a wave of biotech startups involved in developing gene therapies. Now, worried that sticker shock for the $1 million-plus treatments working their way down the pipeline could wind up poisoning the well for everyone, one of the principal academic investigators behind the new technology has been working on a suggestion for a new payment model for these therapies.

Novel epitope for binding of HIV antibodies has major drug delivery implications

The discovery of a new HIV antibody highlights the need to create vaccines with trimeric delivery systems that resemble those found naturally, said Mark Connors, the research team's principal investigator and chief of the HIV-Specific Immunity Section.

iPhone 6 and Apple Watch demonstrate healthcare ambitions

Apple just unveiled the iPhone 6 and its Apple Watch, and as expected, both have major healthcare implications. CEO Tim Cook described the innovations in a much-anticipated announcement about the company's new products as it attempts to show that it can continue to innovate in the post-Steve Jobs era.  

Israeli startup develops hand-held device for medical marijuana

As medical marijuana gains ground as a treatment for chronic pain, Israeli startup Syqe Medical is developing a hand-held device that yields more controlled cannabis dosage and provides an alternative to traditional delivery methods.