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Latest Headlines

Immune Design recruits new team, lands $32.5M for cancer immunotherapies

Over the last few months, Carlos Paya has been filling out his management team at Seattle-based Immune Design. And today the biotech CEO detailed an injection of $32.5 million in venture cash--with the near-term prospect of adding $16.5 million more--to finance the biotech's efforts to nail proof-of-concept data on its two top cancer vaccines.

Researchers inch closer to breath test for lung cancer

A biomarker detectable in the breath of lung cancer patients holds promise for an accurate diagnostic, and researchers at the Cleveland Clinic have taken another stride toward making that a reality.

Pulmatrix heralds early stage results for COPD dry powder tech

Massachusetts-based dry-powder specialist Pulmatrix welcomed successful early-stage results for its bronchodilator treatment for chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder, which makes use of its novel lung delivery system iSPERSE.

Arno banks $30.7M with billionaire backing and promising cancer drug

New Jersey's Arno Therapeutics has nailed down a $30 million private placement, cash that'll help the biotech get its treatment for hormone-dependent cancers through Phase I and on the path to FDA approval.

Hopkins team spotlights biomarkers ratio that tags presymptomatic Alzheimer's

Researchers at Johns Hopkins say they've been able to track a pair of biomarkers that can shed light on a patient's risk of developing Alzheimer's and pinpoint the disease before telltale symptoms appear.

UPDATED: Calithera grabs $35M round to fund first slate of cancer drug studies

The lead drug is a glutaminase inhibitor, targeting an enzyme that plays a role in tumor metabolism. The biotech plans to identify patient populations that will most benefit from the drug, sticking with a carefully targeted approach that has dominated the cancer drug field.

Vertex to slash 370 jobs in shift away from hep C drug

What happened? A new wave of hepatitis C treatments, led by Gilead Sciences' sofosbuvir. Heartily backed by an FDA advisory panel Friday, sofosbuvir is first in a class of treatments aimed at shortening hep C treatment, boosting its effectiveness and easing its notorious side effects. The coming all-oral drug cocktails will shut out interferon--and shunt Incivek aside.

DOD agency commits $70M to develop brain-monitoring implant

The U.S. Department of Defense is launching a $70 million project involving the use of a brain monitoring implant to help soldiers better manage depression, stress and other related conditions.

Metabolic biomarkers steer proper use of party drug ketamine for depression

Certain metabolites can flag patients with biopolar depression for whom intravenous doses of ketamine will work best or not at all, researchers have concluded.

UPDATED: The ax drops at troubled Merck as big restructuring gets underway

The pink slips are starting to fly at Merck R&D. The rumor mill was running full tilt on Monday morning, with comments flowing across Twitter that planned layoffs are in the works. And a company spokesperson confirmed that the first of a planned wave of 8,500 in fresh job cuts are being made now.