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Latest Headlines

Lone Star biotech banks $11.4M for PhII orphan drug odyssey

Austin-based Savara Pharmaceuticals has rounded up $11.4 million in cash to fuel the upstart biotech through a key transition phase: taking its lead development program through a crucial proof-of-concept study that could leave the biotech on the threshold of a late-stage trial.

Spectrum picks up orphan cancer drug with stabilized delivery

Spectrum Pharmaceuticals snagged the rights to an orphan-designated, pivotal-stage cancer treatment coupled with a specialized delivery component that increases stability and solubility.

New nanomed reduces inflammation in injured tissue by natural means

Researchers from around the country have found a way to deliver inflammation-reducing drugs to injured tissue using biodegradable nanoparticles.

Delivery gel releases drugs in response to pressure

Researchers in Japan have developed a way to release drugs via a gel that reacts to compression--in practice, the gel would allow patients to administer drugs "on demand" by way of hand pressure.

UPDATED: Amgen scores PhIII success with BioVex virus against melanoma

Amgen touted top-line results from a Phase III trial of an anti-cancer virus as a treatment for a deadly form of skin cancer, showing that talimogene laherparepvec met the primary goal for shrinking tumors in patients with late stages of the disease.

Alnylam starts PhI trials of RNAi drug for amyloidosis

Alnylam began Phase I clinical trials for its RNAi-based treatment of TTR-mediated amyloidosis, or ATTR, a particularly menacing protein disorder that affects the nerves and the heart.

DC Devices hauls in another $10.7 million

DC devices is developing the first technology that can treat diastolic heart failure without the need for invasive surgery, and the startup has snagged $10.7 million in venture financing.

Fierce's top 5 feats in life sciences 'gamification'

Welcome to the "gamification" of life sciences research, where all you need is an Internet-connected device and a few minutes to play a part in advancing science. It's a growing trend within the open innovation and crowdsourcing movements sweeping the biopharma world. Check out the full report >>

Johns Hopkins team takes step toward creating migraine blood Dx

In a first step toward developing a migraine diagnostic blood test, Johns Hopkins researchers are zeroing in on blood levels of a fat-derived protein as a potential biomarker

FDA's Hamburg warns of biotech fallout as sequester debate drags on

FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg had words of praise--wrapped in a not-so-subtle warning--when she addressed hundreds of biotech executives in Boston late last week.