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Latest Headlines

Stem cell therapy developed to treat dental disease in cats could also help people

Cats with a debilitating tooth ailment called feline chronic gingivostomatitis sometimes experience pain even after getting their teeth removed or taking multiple doses of antibiotics or steroids. But a new treatment that draws on the cats' own stem cells could prove game-changing in helping animals that are suffering from the disease. The findings could also apply to humans with oral diseases.

Yale entrepreneur Rothberg rounds up $40M for a biotech upstart

LAM Therapeutics, a biotech co-founded by Yale University entrepreneur Jonathan Rothberg, raised $40 million to fund its work on an early-stage pipeline of treatments for rare diseases and cancer.

UT Southwestern team creates new drug that could aid in vaccine development

Researchers at UT Southwestern Medical Center have discovered a new drug that could help in vaccine development. It activates the innate immune system in a novel way.

Takeda ups bet on Mersana's armed antibodies to $1B-plus, snags lead drug rights

Whatever Takeda learned about Cambridge, MA-based Mersana Therapeutics over the course of its two-year collaboration, the experience left them eager for much, much more. The biotech announced today that the Japanese pharma company snagged ex-U.S. commercial rights to its lead preclinical antibody drug conjugate while expanding the realm of their partnership to include a range of new targets.

Sanofi launches Zika vaccine R&D effort

As the global alarm continues to sound about the Zika virus, Sanofi said on Tuesday that it's getting involved. In doing so, it became the first major pharmaceutical company to get involved in the Zika vaccine race, launching a program to develop a jab just after receiving the first regulatory approvals for its dengue shot.

Onyx Scientific expands again as GMP demand grows

Onyx Scientific is set to increase the size of its U.K.-based site by more than 30% as it enjoys the spoils of a lucrative 2015.

BioClinica launches new research offering for marketed meds

Princeton, NJ-based BioClinica is looking to take big steps into the growing realm of helping biopharma with data and costs after launch as it unveils a new division focused on postapproval studies.

Glaxo socks more cash into immunotherapy bet

Last year, GlaxoSmithKline traded away most of its cancer assets to Novartis in exchange for the majority of the Swiss drugmaker's vaccines portfolio. But it's not out of the area altogether, and now, it's sweetening a deal with oncology partner Adaptimmune.

GlaxoSmithKline up-sizes its bet on Adaptimmune, racing forward with a cancer immunotherapy

GlaxoSmithKline, working with Adaptimmune on therapies that use the body's machinery to fight cancer, is sweetening the deal for its partner, promising more cash to accelerate development of a promising treatment for soft tissue sarcoma.

New CRISPR/Cas9 delivery method could offer a clinical pathway

CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing is a rapidly developing technique that is thought to provide revolutionary new ways to manipulate genes for the treatment of a number of diseases. Delivering the CRISPR therapeutic in an efficient, safe and predictable way, though, has been difficult--to this end, researchers at UMass have created a means of administering the gene editor that could help send it to clinical trials.