Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Google sees independent startups as key to new Alphabet reorganization

Google is planning to give new businesses including its growing Life Sciences division ample breathing room as part of its reorganization, allowing the startups to run more independently as the tech titan rejigs operations and creates its parent company, Alphabet.

MIT researchers develop noninvasive, fingertip device to count white blood cells in real time

A group of bioengineers have developed a noninvasive, portable device that resembles a finger-worn, pulse oximeter to count white blood cells. They have three workable prototypes that are being tested with chemotherapy patients to track their immune system in real-time. The researchers aim to have an initial beta product that it can support via crowdfunding in 2017, with a product on the market potentially in 2019.

Scientists unveil largest human genomic variation database for disease discovery

As scientists explore the genetic underpinnings of disease to help develop new diagnostics and treatments, an NIH-backed team of researchers is creating the world's largest database of human genomic variation aimed at clinical use.

Yale signs on to Apple's ResearchKit for heart disease study

Apple has been gaining momentum for its ResearchKit since rolling out the platform earlier this year, with the first batch of studies using the product recording high rates of enrollment for sponsors. The platform's success caught the eye of Yale University scientists, who are planning to use ResearchKit for a study of heart problems in children and adults.

Avita nabs $54M BARDA contract for ongoing pivotal trial, stockpile of burn injury device

Tiny OTC-traded micro-cap Avita Medical has won backing from the U.S. Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) of its PMA approval trial for its ReCell burn treatment device. It will get $16.9 million upfront for the study and for procurement of more than 5,000 of the devices. The ongoing pivotal trial is expected to complete enrollment by the end of the this year.

Philips, MIT partner to develop ultrasound brain injury detection

Royal Philips and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have teamed up to develop a noninvasive means of measuring intracranial pressure to detect brain injuries. It's expected to incorporate Philips' ultrasound technology and MIT's physiological modeling.

PRA partners up to accelerate vaccine R&D

PRA Health Sciences has joined forces with a trial site group to focus on vaccine development, hoping to speed up patient recruitment and get more clinical studies rolling.

Chiltern expands in diabetes after a big buyout

CRO Chiltern, in the process of integrating its latest acquisition, is focusing in on endocrinology and metabolism, broadening its expertise with an eye on diabetes R&D.

Third Rock lights up Neon with next-wave cancer R&D strategy and $55M

Third Rock entrepreneurs Cary Pfeffer and Robert Tepper are taking top interim posts at the newly unveiled Neon Therapeutics, spearheading an immuno-oncology R&D effort after snagging an early-stage therapy fostered at the prestigious Broad Institute and Dana-Farber. And they have a $55 million bankroll from Third Rock, Clal Biotechnology Industries and Access Industries to set up the company.

BiondVax, EU's UNISEC team up for universal flu jab PhIIb

Less than a month after pairing with the NIAID on a Phase II trial of its universal flu vaccine in the U.S., BiondVax is looking to Hungary for its next trial, this time in conjunction with an overseas public health authority.