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Latest Headlines

President Obama unveils 'precision medicine' initiative to collect genomic data on 1 million Americans

President Obama's "precision medicine" initiative is aimed at collecting genetic data on 1 million Americans in a bid to advance personalized medicine.

Obama wants $215M to kick off 'precision medicine' project

President Barack Obama is asking Congress for $215 million to sequence the genomes of 1 million Americans and help develop a new generation of medicines, part of a sweeping plan to accelerate biomedical R&D.

Stomach-draining obesity startup gets $12M in debt to support PMA in mid-2015

Aspire Bariatrics has nabbed a $12 million loan facility from Hercules Technology Growth Capital to wrap up its ongoing U.S. pivotal trial and submit a PMA in mid-2015. The company hopes to launch its stomach content-aspirating product in the U.S. in early 2016.

Spark nails a $161M IPO to fund its 'breakthrough' gene therapy

Spark Therapeutics, at work on one-time treatments for rare diseases, pulled off a $161 million IPO, pricing above its range and keeping biotech's Wall Street hot streak rolling.

Astellas bets on Immunomic's allergy vaccine in a $75M deal

Astellas Pharma is teaming up with biotech Immunomic Therapeutics on a vaccine that could relieve a common allergy that affects millions in its native Japan.

Roche and Qualcomm join forces for next-gen remote patient monitoring system

Roche is teaming up with Qualcomm to develop a next-generation remote patient monitoring system, expanding its point-of-care offerings and giving the company a boost as it recoups from a mixed bag of 2014 earnings.

Quest Diagnostics teams up with CDC for hepatitis research initiative

Quest Diagnostics inked a deal with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to improve screening, diagnosis and treatment for four strains of viral hepatitis in the U.S., expanding on a previous collaboration and giving the company a boost as it continues to restructure and restore revenue growth.

Buzz: Obama's 'precision' plan involves a major genomic database

President Barack Obama's plot to bolster personalized medicine research would lean heavily on a planned bank of patient genetic information, Science magazine reports, pooling existing databases to create a huge R&D utility. But the promise of a so-called Precision Medicine Initiative has left some scientists cold, hearkening back to overblown efforts past.

AstraZeneca bolts together a top transatlantic team for CRISPR R&D

In a broad-ranging slate of tech collaborations, AstraZeneca is allying itself with several top research institutions to hone its ability to apply CRISPR gene editing techniques to its drug development work. And the pharma giant used this alliance to pick some of the best brains in the business, without turning to any of the pioneers who have recently spawned a lineup of upstart biotechs.

AnaMar rethinks pipeline after analyzing ashes of failed trial

AnaMar has rejigged its pipeline priorities after digging through the data from its failed Phase IIa trial. The trial missed its primary endpoint of reducing pain in people with mild to moderate osteoarthritis pain, but a post hoc subgroup analysis has persuaded AnaMar it was trialling the right drug in the wrong indication.