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Latest Headlines

UCLA researchers create 3-D-printed smartphone attachment to read molecular Dx assays

Diagnostic assays that usually require a desktop reader that costs several thousand dollars can now be done using a 3-D printed plate that attaches to a smartphone. Even better, the accuracy of the results achieved are comparable to standard laboratory equipment.

Sanofi hands Regeneron $1.8B for new immuno-oncology pact

After winning approval for their PCSK9 drug Praluent last week, longtime partners Sanofi and Regeneron are back at it with a new collaboration. The French pharma giant will pay at least $1.8 billion in a new immuno-oncology deal that includes an early-stage checkpoint inhibitor.

Pill holds a ring-shaped device that could deliver drugs to the stomach long-term

Researchers at MIT and Massachusetts General Hospital have designed an expanding pill that can be easily swallowed but can remain in the stomach potentially for months without obstructing normal gastrointestinal function.

ASU team offers precise DNA origami technique with novel shapes and delivery potential

Folding DNA into new, functional shapes isn't a new technique, but researchers at Arizona State University have demonstrated novel design methods that allow them an amount of control over the genetic substance never seen before, creating new three-dimensional shapes that could ultimately be used in drug delivery.

Aegerion's CEO resigns after standoff with activist investors

Aegerion Pharmaceuticals CEO Marc Beer has stepped down from his post after reaching a tenuous cease-fire with activist investors, leaving behind a company with an uncertain future.

Researchers ready super-tiny, micro-laparoscopy robotic surgical system for the clinic

Academics at Vanderbilt University's Medical Engineering and Discovery Laboratory have added a wrist to a needle-based surgical robot that's already been 6 years in development. Now, the researchers are ready to put the system to the test in head and neck surgeries, with transnasal surgeries to remove tumors from the pituitary gland likely up first in the clinic.

PCORI board signs off on $142.5M investment to scale up health data network

The board of governors at the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute has signed off on an $142.5 million investment in PCORnet, an attempt to mine ever-growing repositories of health and clinical data for research.

Sunesis plummets as the FDA sends it back to the drawing board

Despite its lead drug's failure in a late-stage trial last year, Sunesis Pharmaceuticals held on to hope that it could convince the FDA to give the leukemia treatment a shot at approval. But its argument apparently fell on deaf ears, as the agency asked to see more clinical data before evaluating the therapy.

Roche backs out of its $1B cancer deal with Molecular Partners

Roche is terminating its collaboration with Molecular Partners, nixing an oncology partnership worth up to $1 billion as it reshuffles its pipeline.

NFL, GE award up to $10M to advance mild traumatic brain injury knowledge, diagnosis

In a continuing effort dubbed the Head Health Initiative,the NFL and partner GE have made awards of $500,000 to the 6 winners of the first of four planned research challenges. This is in addition to $300,000 in grants that it gave to 16 winners in the first round. Between them, they may be awarded a total of up to $10 million.