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Latest Headlines

Nanorobot shows promise as humidity sensor thanks to use of bacterial spore

Researchers at the University of Illinois-Chicago have developed a nanoparticle-based robot that can detect humidity thanks to the use of bacterial spores and a form of carbon known as graphene.

Novartis tackles immuno-oncology with a $750M Aduro deal for new R&D group

Novartis, a leader among companies using the immune system to fight cancer, is betting up to $750 million on a promising therapeutic approach from Aduro Biotech, widening its arsenal of potential treatments.

Zimmer appeals to younger patients at orthopedic surgeon meeting

Orthopedics specialist Zimmer is trying to expand the market for its artificial joints by appealing to younger patients. Its strategies to do so are on display at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons meeting in Las Vegas.

TVA study demonstrates promising hemodialysis access device for kidney failure patients

Startup TVA Medical boasted about a recent study which found that its clinical-stage device to give chronic kidney disease patients vascular access to a hemodialysis machine was successful 97% of the time.

Big Pharma joins the U.K.'s genomics project with eyes on drug discovery

A group of the world's leading drugmakers have joined the U.K.'s ambitious initiative to sequence the genomes of 100,000 Britons, mining the data with hopes of finding new pathways to treat cancer and rare diseases.

U.K. scientists discover parasite protects cows against deadly East Coast fever

The tick-borne parasite that causes East Coast fever kills 1 million cows per year. Now University of Edinburgh scientists are proposing that a vaccine be made from a related--but far less deadly--parasite.

Zimmer: New outpatient program for Persona Knee patients is succeeding

At the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons meeting in Las Vegas, Zimmer touted its new training program enabling patients with its new Persona Knee System to be treated in an outpatient setting.

Ergomed reaches into Asia on the hunt for co-development deals

U.K. contractor Ergomed has made Asian landfall, opening an office in Taiwan with eyes on forging traditional CRO deals and signing risk-sharing agreements with drugmakers.

Icon taps Carnegie Mellon to help patients better understand trials

When patients sign up for a clinical trial, how well do they understand the risks, requirements and restrictions that come with it? Icon, a global CRO that handles thousands of studies a year, is working with behavioral scientists at Carnegie Mellon University to study how investigators can improve the informed consent process.

Sun doubles in size as it completes Ranbaxy buyout

With Sun Pharmaceutical's $4 billion buyout of Ranbaxy Laboratories all but wrapped up, the combined company has plenty on its plate: get plants banned by the FDA in order, get more products approved and to the market and find $250 million in savings with minimal layoffs.