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Latest Headlines

Novo Nordisk taps Ablynx in a $400M deal

Novo Nordisk signed a deal with Ablynx worth up to €377 million ($400 million) to collaborate on so-called nanobodies, antibody fragments designed to split the difference between biologics and small-molecule drugs.

Scientists make strides with real-time estrogen sensor

As scientists develop next-generation sensors to facilitate patient monitoring, researchers in New Zealand are rolling out a sensor device that can detect estrogen levels without some of the setbacks of current technology.

Allergan scoops up some CNS drugs as its $160B Pfizer merger pends

Allergan, seeking to burnish its reputation in R&D, bought into some early-stage treatments for autism and obsessive-compulsive disorder as it prepares to join forces with Pfizer in a massive merger.

BYU team devises method to speed up vaccine production

Brigham Young University researchers have developed a "just add water" method to expedite vaccine production in the face of new viruses. The process involves creating vaccine production machinery en masse and then freeze-drying it and stockpiling it in different locations.

Vaxart's oral RSV candidate protects in preclinical challenge

While working to catch up with other vaccine developers in the race for a respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) vaccine, San Francisco-based Vaxart this week unveiled data demonstrating its candidate's ability to create a "substantial" immune response in a preclinical challenge model.

Debiotech partners with Swiss academics to create a novel artificial pancreas

Swiss med tech player Debiotech has partnered to develop a next-gen artificial pancreas for diabetics with a pair of Swiss research centers. The aim is to improve upon the accuracy of automatic insulin delivery by using a microelectromechanical system to control the pump. It will be based on an algorithm designed to estimate patient needs based on their measured glucose levels, the time of day and anticipated activities to adjust the infusion rate from an insulin pump.

Aduro slips after trial patient comes down with a dangerous infection

Aduro BioTech, developing an immunotherapy combination treatment for cancer, watched its share price dip on Tuesday after quietly disclosing that a trial patient developed a serious infection tied to the company's re-engineered bacterial treatment.

AstraZeneca begins dosing in trial of its Bind-partnered cancer candidate

Cambridge, MA's Bind Therapeutics announced that patient administration of its Accurins nanoparticles has commenced in the trial of an AstraZeneca cancer candidate. Under the terms of the 2013 partnership with the Big Pharma, Bind earns a milestone payment of $4 million.

Harvard's Wyss Institute successfully tests vibration-based infant apnea prevention device

Apnea, or a prolonged pause in breathing, is quite common among premature and low-birth-weight infants and can be life-threatening. A trial at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in 36 infants with apnea of a new mattress vibration device cut the number of apnea events in half. It also improved the infant's oxygenation levels and incidents of a too-slow heart rate.

Scientists roll out innovative health-tracking device for guide dogs

Animal health companies have been rolling out wearable devices that allow owners to monitor their dog's well-being. Now researchers are developing a device that lets people who are blind keep tabs on their guide dog's health.