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Latest Headlines

AstraZeneca grabs a surprise early approval for its $2B cancer contender

Despite loud objections from its advisers, the FDA granted an accelerated approval to AstraZeneca's ovarian cancer treatment, clearing an oral therapy the U.K. drugmaker believes will bring in blockbuster sales.

Gilead buys into Ono's cancer drug as it scales up in oncology

Gilead Sciences is pushing further into oncology R&D, teaming up with Ono Pharmaceutical on a cancer treatment that could complement its first major success in the field.

Lilly makes amends with Adocia in $570M diabetes deal

Eli Lilly is buying back into Adocia's pitch for a fast-acting insulin, reversing an earlier decision and signing a collaboration deal worth up to $570 million.

Lundbeck pulls the plug on its fast-tracked stroke drug

Lundbeck is giving up on its efforts to develop desmoteplase as a treatment for stroke, as disappointing data have made it unclear just how to proceed.

Auspex shares rocket up after Huntington's drug hits the mark in Phase III

Auspex Pharmaceuticals' treatment for a movement disorder tied to Huntington's disease met its main goal in a late-stage study, the company said, clearing the way for a 2015 FDA filing.

Cyclacel's cancer drug isn't working in Phase III, but that won't stop the trial

Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals' in-development leukemia drug has little chance of meeting its primary goal in a late-stage study, independent advisers said. But, because the treatment isn't leading to serious side effects, the company is keeping the trial running.

Sophiris plummets on doubts its prostate drug can clear Phase III

Taking an early look at data from an ongoing study of Sophiris' lead drug, independent advisers say the prostate-shrinking therapy didn't meet its predefined threshold for efficacy, casting a shadow over the biotech's only clinical asset.

Oncothyreon is going it alone with Array's former breast cancer contender

Moving on from the slow demise of its Merck KGaA-partnered cancer vaccine, Seattle's Oncothyreon has bought out co-developer Array BioPharma, acquiring exclusive rights to the pair's early-stage breast cancer candidate.

Novartis' psoriasis drug tops J&J's Stelara as it speeds toward approval

Novartis' new anti-inflammatory treatment cleared up psoriasis better than Johnson & Johnson's Stelara in a Phase III trial, a second head-to-head victory for the injectable drug as it nears U.S. and European approvals.

Bellicum battles for CAR-T spotlight with a $121M IPO pitch

Houston's Bellicum Pharmaceuticals has laid out plans to raise as much as $121 million in an IPO, cash that'll support its proprietary take on a promising new approach to oncology.