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Latest Headlines

Pfizer snags electroporation device license from Ichor for cancer vaccine delivery

For an undisclosed amount, Pfizer signed a deal to use the San Diego company's TriGrid intramuscular electroporation system, which creates temporary pores in cell membranes, allowing vaccines to become more thoroughly entrenched. Pfizer is interested in making the technology a part of its preclinical cancer vaccine-based immunotherapy research program, according to a release from Ichor.

Pfizer will use Ichor Medical Systems devices for cancer vaccine development

Ichor Medical Systems said it will develop electroporation devices for use in Pfizer's preclinical cancer vaccine research efforts.

Novo Nordisk taps Zosano's microneedle patch for diabetes drug delivery

Zosano Pharma, the developer of a microneedle patch for various applications, has signed on with pharma giant Novo Nordisk to deliver semaglutide, an analogue used to treat Type 2 diabetes. Zosano is set to collect $60 million for the first product in the deal and $55 million for each additional one.

Regulus renews Sanofi microRNA pact to focus on orphan, cancer treatments

California microRNA specialist Regulus Therapeutics renewed an almost-four-year-old partnership with Sanofi to help develop its RNA programs further for orphan and oncology purposes, collecting a $10 million equity investment in the process.

Merck loops Pfizer, Amgen and Incyte in on MK-3475 immunotherapy deal spree

At Merck, the already giant-sized hope that its cancer immunotherapy program for the PD-1 drug MK-3475 represents just swelled significantly in importance. Just ahead of its 2013 earnings report Wednesday, the pharma giant announced plans to tie up with a trio of major league biopharma partners to launch a whole new slate of combination studies that could significantly extend its reach in the oncology market.

The top drug delivery partnerships of 2013

In the biotech and pharma industries, drug delivery is a crucial aspect of research and development. Finding new ways to deliver old drugs, ways to make a new drug more efficient or ways that make a...

Big Pharma superteam joins NIH to share data, discover new drugs

The National Institutes of Health has persuaded 10 rival drugmakers to briefly set aside their competitive spirits and collaborate on drug discovery projects in four major diseases, pooling their data and expertise to kick-start early-stage efforts.

Edison, Dainippon deepen deal with $50M up front and billions in biobucks

Japan's Dainippon Sumitomo Pharma has expanded its alliance with upstart Edison Pharmaceuticals, committing $50 million to jointly develop treatments for orphan diseases with nearly $4 billion more tied to down-the-road milestones.

Portola takes its 'breakthrough' bleeding drug to PhIII with Bayer, J&J in tow

Portola Pharmaceuticals' promising antidote for blood thinners has attracted a who's-who of Big Pharma partners, and now the biotech is advancing its reverser of Factor Xa inhibitors to Phase III with the help of Bayer and Johnson & Johnson.

Smith & Nephew will grab ArthroCare for $1.7B, continuing its M&A rebound plan

Smith & Nephew agreed to fork over $1.7 billion for ArthroCare, a Texas device company that specializes in sports medicine joint repair and recently settled long-standing federal fraud charges in the U.S.