Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Clinverse partners up to bolster its trial payment software

Clinical trial software provider Clinverse has inked a deal with eClinical Insights to share resources and unite their technologies.

Bristol-Myers adds $1.24B deal plus a partnership in immuno-oncology deal frenzy

Following fast on the heels of two earlier immuno-oncology partnerships, Incyte has agreed to partner its prolific IDO inhibitor INCB24360 with Bristol-Myers Squibb's marquee PD-1 program for nivolumab. And with just days to go before the start of ASCO, Bristol-Myers also inked a biobucks-packed $1.24 billion deal with South San Francisco-based CytomX to broaden its pipeline of immuno-oncology drugs with up to four new clinical candidates spawned by its next-gen antibody development platform.

Medidata teams up with Big Pharma supergroup to derisk trials

Cloud-based data magnate Medidata has signed a deal with TransCelerate BioPharma, a consortium of the world's largest drugmakers, to modernize the way the industry conducts clinical trials.

Wilex hands back some cancer drugs as it circles the biotech drain

Germany's Wilex is emptying its pockets of drug candidates, giving 5 once-promising cancer treatments back to partner UCB as it pares down to stay alive.

Reckitt Benckiser to develop nasal spray for emergency overdose of opioids

Reckitt Benckiser Pharmaceuticals announced May 19 that it is codeveloping what would be the first nasally administered naloxone-based therapy to treat emergency cases of opioid overdose from heroin or prescription painkillers.

Water Street bets on German specialty Dx outfit

Germany's Orgentec Diagnostika has drawn in Water Street Healthcare Partners as a major investor, which has plans in place to grow the 25-year-old specialty diagnostics company through future M&A deals down the line.

U.K.'s Enigma Diagnostics jumps into China with disease pathogen testing

Enigma disclosed it will team up with China's National Institute for Communicable Disease Control and Prevention to develop new rapid, easy-to-use molecular diagnostic tests and tools designed to spot infectious disease pathogens.

Novartis, Servier team up on tumor-killing drug development

France's Servier has struck up a deal with Novartis to develop oncology drugs that invade tumors and lead them to self-destruct.

GE Healthcare collaborates with CorTechs Labs on MRI scans

GE Healthcare and MRI software provider CorTechs Labs signed a joint-marketing agreement on a MRI scanning solution used in conjunction with CorTech's NeuroQuant program.

Pfizer cozies up to U.K. scientists amid transatlantic scrutiny

Amid concerns that its planned buyout of AstraZeneca would deal a blow to U.K. R&D, Pfizer has teamed up with a host of British universities to collaborate on rare-disease drugs.